SEO Ranking Page 1 on Google


Getting found in Google Search means getting your webpage found when someone searches for you on Google. However, there is a vast amount of data that Google must sort through to display a search result. To illustrate, Google stores information about those 30 trillion pages in the Google Index, which is now at 100 million […]

SEO for 2020 Means Looking Back at Google Algorithm Updates

How Google BERT & 2019 Core Updates Influence SEO in 2020 Google made over 3,000 changes to search this past year. In contrast Google only made somewhere around 400 changes in 2010.  In truth we can always expect algorithm changes. Because Google continues to release algorithmic updates to improve and refine results. Furthermore, SEO rankings […]

How To Get Top Google Search Results 2020

How To Get Top Google Search Results 2020 | Google Rank Brain algorithm is the ability to anticipate. Because Rank Brain interprets searches that might not have the exact search words. Rank Brain is about refining a user’s search. In other words to produce more meaningful Google search results for users. RANK BRAIN AND YOUR […]

5 Big Reasons to Optimize Your Website 2020

5 Big Reasons to Optimize Your Website 2020. As of January 2019 there were over 1.94 billion websites on the Internet. That’s a lot of websites all completing for customer attention in some form or another. Here are five important reasons to optimize your website and some helpful tips to get you started. 1. Increase […]

Google Launches Broad Core Update

BUILDING A WEBSITE FOR 2020 Google updates all the time and we rarely see little affect with our stats. But last week Google launched a significant broad core algorithm update. With broad core updates we see big fluctuations over a course of a week. Because these wonky stats are the norm for us we don’t […]

Maximize Your Online Potential

Turning online visitors into buyers You want your website working for you and a good website does many things but what it needs to do is generate action on your website. Whether it’s sales or new clients or subscribers you want them. If your website is under performing and just eking out some business there’s […]

Google Updates

If you’ve seen some fluctuations or drops in your rankings this week blame it on Google. I promise it really isn’t your SEO professionals’ fault and there is probably nothing wrong with your website. The latest update that happened this week is just one of a few that will roll out this year. I began […]

Breaking Google Barriers

Your website is the largest business asset you probably have and if it isn’t then maybe you can change that easier than you think. Google algorithms approach your website just like any other human. It likes to read your content and see the images/videos, if it cannot easily access what it’s looking for it will […]

Online content the largest piece of the SEO pie.

Getting to the top Never before has online content marketing been such an integral part of a companies day to day marketing strategies. And no one knows your product and services better than you do. This is why I always like to see the website owners write their own content. Having to write fresh content […]

How to talk to Google. A conversation with Algorithms.

Google’s dictionary definition for SEO ” is short for search engine optimization is now the company’s main marketing channel with the majority of investment going into SEO.”  In short: investing in optimizing digital marketing. Today’s SEO is fairly straight forward to obtain high quality results. However depending on your business and products the competition tells […]

Web Design & SEO VA

SEO In order to compete in the search engines you must understand how to focus your key wording strategies. And key wording although is of first and foremost, it is also a host of other SEO tools that keeps you in the top ten. In other words, it a combination of SEO tasking that makes […]

Improving SEO Results

Improving SEO Results What your SEO report card says about your website There are so many tools available for improving your SEO that it would take days to weed through them all. However knowing what tools and SEO strategies are best suited for your company website is another story entirely.  Its one thing to have […]

Free SEO Website Analysis

Receive a free SEO audit report for your website, yours absolutely free with no hassle. It only takes seconds to do. Just punch in your information and the results are generated in real-time. No sales person will email or call you. Use our Free SEO Website Analysis tools as many times as you want! WHAT […]

Search Engine Optimization SEO Virginia

Search Engine Optimization SEO Virginia | VISIONEFX has unique insights for success in achieving top ranking in Google. Because we have been following Google since 1999. Search engine optimization gets you found on Google. Creating a digital experience for your users keeps them on your website. And these are two core components of what we […]

A Look Back on Google Search

The Search A look back at Google search brings me to a book I read a book titled “The Search” by John Battelle. The book explores how Google and its rivals rewrote the rules of business and transformed our culture. What really caught my attention was Chapter 7 titled The Search Economy. It refers to […]

SEO Mobile Search Success

SEO Mobile Search Success. Mobile search is king. Two things you need to be concerned with, how good is your mobile website experience and how fast does it load. Most of your clients and customers are going to see your website on their mobile p Mobile search is king. Two things you need to be […]

Directories Dominate Google Search Results

Huge website directories containing thousands of links and state, city, local web pages continue to proliferate online at an alarming rate. Similarly, search online for services such as roofers or lawyers chances are you will find a directory website on the 1st page of Google. What is a business website directory? A website directory is […]

What are the best SEO tools?

There are a number of popular tools used by experts in the search engine marketing industry. Many tools offer both free and paid versions. A few SEO tools include the following brands: MOZ Google Web Master Tools Google Analytics YOAST Backlinko Ahrefs Majestic Spyfu Semrush Depending on where you are on the SEO practitioner spectrum […]

How do I get my website on the first page of Google

How do I get my website on the first page of Google? Now that you have a shiny brand new website you want to help customers and clients find your website in online search. While no one can guarantee you first page spot on Google, there are 7 simple steps to help get you closer […]

There’s a New Online Audience, Beyond Your Website

Time to Get Ready to Expand Your Reach Past Your Website There’s a New Online Audience, Beyond Your Website |  You might have noticed a large Q&A box in Google search results. As a webmaster, website business owner and SEO expert my first question is why is Google doing this? And my second question is […]

Research Web Site Ranking

How does your web site traffic compare to your competitors? Research Web Site Ranking | How does your site stack up against your competitors in terms of link popularity and number of pages indexed? It’s easy to find this out. You can analyze your web site like a search pro using a “advanced search” techniques. […]

Google changing how your website gets found in searches

Google continues to change the way your website get found in searches. Google changing how your website gets found in searches | Here’s how to prepare for these changes and improve your results. Since 2000 Google has constantly evolved to deliver what they deem as clean, unfettered search results. And Google is constantly tweaking and […]

Backlinks for SEO

GETTING BACKLINKS FOR SEO Backlinks for SEO | We see them everyday in our in box. “I would like to link to your site”. While many of these are legitimate requests; many are not. Therefore I suggest you choose your links carefully. Because back links are links to other 3rd party websites. For example if […]

What Google wants!

Remember when the internet was still in its infancy? Then quickly it went from crawling to a brisk walk into all of our lives. These were the days when getting a website was a luxury and about as cool as it gets. Not all of your competitors had websites so you zipped along getting business […]

Keeping Content Relevant on Google

Keeping content relevant on Google is more important than ever. Search engines are going into a new uncharted era of change. As in all things technological its fast and ever reaching growth is based on population and accessibility. And in terms of internet growth the same is true. Competition is ever expanding because more people […]

Google favoring mobile over desktop search

The mobile search index over Google will contain newer, fresher content while Google’s version of the desktop index will be updated less frequently. Furthermore, in some cases, search results displayed over mobile will be completely different than those search results found on the desktop. Mobilegeddon is Here This comes on the heels of Mobilegeddon; when Google […]

Competing Against Big Budget Web Sites

 Is Easier Than You Think? Take The Low Hanging Search Engine Fruit with Regional Search Engine Listings Millions of Web sites are elbowing each other every day for search engine position. Many of them belong to big businesses with big marketing budgets. How do you compete with that? By grabbing some of the lower hanging […]

Publishing Articles for Search Engine Optimization

When publishing articles for search engine optimization its about content relevant to your business. You want to write and publish articles that are content rich with information, videos and images. You want to educate your clients or customers as well as the search engines your authority on your services or products. Lets face it google loves […]

How can I get my website seen at the top of Google search engine

Written and video content building page rank authority is a path to the top of Google Search Engine. If you haven’t incorporated video and social media into your website consider it a missed opportunity in your website marketing strategy. Lets face it, humans like to see what their getting and see who they are dealing with. Video and social media […]

Google Changes Affecting Ranking

Google Changes Affecting Ranking | Your SEO, is like any relationship in life it needs attention and care. Your relationship to the search engines starts from the moment you launch your new website continuing as long as your website is active. Like a finely tuned engine, you want the kind of maintenance that makes your website […]

Understanding Search Engines

As people continue to do more business and research over the Internet, search engine optimization (SEO) firms are scratching their heads wondering how to achieve great rankings for their Web clients. One method of supposedly generating great search engine rankings is called linking. This technique has gained in popularity with SEO firms, but produces questionable […]

Use Your Digital Assets To Increase SEO

SEMINARS AND VIDEOS Use your digital assets to increase SEO. Because many of you have marketing gold laying around their office; buried in computers or mobile phones. In other words, these are all the untapped assets that can give you a leg up on the competition. Google wants to show its users text, documents, videos, photos, […]

Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization

Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization- Stick To Fundamentals How do search engines find your website, and how does your website find its way into search engines? Think of it this way, every page in your website is an opportunity to tell the search engines what your web site is about. Even the savviest web developers […]

Increase Traffic on your Website

A Few Smart Moves to Increase Traffic on your Website How would you establish a shopping store’s popularity? Simply by the number of footfalls .i.e. the number of people visiting it. Similarly, for a website, it is the number of clicks that measure the traffic on it. So you finally have a good website…….. Now […]

Broken Links and your SEO

Broken Links Will Hurt Your Search Engine Results Search engine results are becoming more important every day as more people use the World Wide Web to find goods, services and information. One way to help your website achieve a good website ranking on Google is by ensuring your site is free of bad links and broken […]

Optimizing You Tube, Videos for SEO

Video content for SEO Search engine results are becoming more important every day. More people now use the World Wide Web to find goods, services and information than ever before. This also includes the search for other digital assets such as; Video, Audio, Power Point, Optimizing PDF files, Word documents, Text files and other digital […]

A novice performing your SEO may incur you a Google Penalty

Webmaster, SEO skillsets, like brain surgery, architecture, or any other profession, is a highly specialize profession A novice performing your SEO may incur you a Google Penalty – Hire an expert when it comes to SEO, don’t cut corners on the most important marketing asset in your advertising arsenal. Interview SEO companies and ask for […]

Removing Bad Comments Google Search Results

Removing Negative Comments that get found in Google search results Removing Bad Comments Google Search Results | Many people, businesses and organizations have found themselves the victims of negative postings on complaint websites. These websites such as Rip Off Report, Pissed Off Consumers and others. LOVE or HATE These Websites 1) You either love or hate […]

Search Engine Marketing Scams

Avoid Getting Scammed and Ripped Off by Search Engine Marketing Scams Search engine marketers are trolling the web for easy prey. Here’s how to recognize the 5 red flags for these online predators promising you the moon for web site traffic. The old American axioms;  ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’  and  ‘if […]

Google Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird, Google’s latest change to how it handles search queries Here’s what this change means to you and your business. ‘Google Hummingbird’ is a good analogy for how this new search change actually works. If you have seen a Hummingbird while feeding it darts with hyper speed precision from flower to flower; much the same way […]

Mobile friendly search over Google

Mobile-friendly search over Google. Google has officially announced they are planning to push mobile responsive sites in search results above others that are not. Use this Google tool to analyze a web page and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design. Furthermore, it provides optimization recommendations. At VISIONEFX we create a mobile responsive web design […]

Does Google look for fresh content when ranking a website?

Yes, but this is the wrong question to ask. A smart business owner would ask; ‘How can I get customers to find my website when looking for goods, content, services and advice? Many business owners incorrectly assume that they should see their website appear in the top 10 of Google for trophy phrases. While Google ranking […]

Ranking on Google

If you have gotten a phone call or email from a Google Representative this is most likely not coming from Google. So don’t be fooled. There are even websites that use the word Google in order to convince visitors that they are somehow associated with Google. So it is important for you to know just […]

Submit Your Site

Submit your site and begin building your online presence over the web. Because at VISIONEFX, we research and identify ways to make your online branding. For example, these include links to search engines, online directories, social sites, and business listing services. While some may require a reciprocal link or a modest fee, most listings are […]

Do Website Grading Tools Really Work?

Do Website Grading Tools really work? | One of most widely used online website tools are called website graders. Specifically these are used to score certain aspects of your website. Some web site grader score your website on on SEO technical points. On the other hand some graders score your website based on links, keywords […]

How does search engine optimization work?

How does search engine optimization work? – VISIONEFX started following Google back in 1998 when Google was in its’ infancy. Since then Google has continually changed and refined its search engine to thwart unscrupulous programmers and developers who try to cheat their way into Google Top 10 search results. Enter Matt Cutts Over the years, […]

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