Maximize Your Online Potential

Turning online visitors into buyers You want your website working for you and a good website does many things but what it needs to do is generate action on your website. Whether it’s sales or new clients or subscribers you want them. If your website is under performing and just eking out some business there’s … Continue reading Maximize Your Online Potential

SEO | Google Updates Again

If you’ve seen some fluctuations or drops in your rankings this week blame it on Google. I promise it really isn’t your SEO professionals’ fault and there is probably nothing wrong with your website. The latest update that happened this week is just one of a few that will roll out this year. I began … Continue reading SEO | Google Updates Again

Breaking Google Barriers

Your website is the largest business asset you probably have and if it isn’t then maybe you can change that easier than you think. Google algorithms approach your website just like any other human. It likes to read your content and see the images/videos, if it cannot easily access what it’s looking for it will … Continue reading Breaking Google Barriers

How to talk to Google. A conversation with Algorithms.

Google’s dictionary definition for SEO ” is short for search engine optimization is now the company’s main marketing channel with the majority of investment going into SEO.”  In short: investing in optimizing digital marketing. Today’s SEO is fairly straight forward to obtain high quality results. However depending on your business and products the competition tells … Continue reading How to talk to Google. A conversation with Algorithms.

Web Design & SEO VA

SEO In order to compete in the search engines you must understand how to focus your key wording strategies. And key wording although is of first and foremost, it is also a host of other SEO tools that keeps you in the top ten. In other words, it a combination of SEO tasking that makes … Continue reading Web Design & SEO VA

Improving SEO Results

“Improving SEO Results- What your SEO report card says about your website” There are so many tools available for improving your SEO that it would take days to weed through them all. However knowing what tools and SEO strategies are best suited for your company website is another story entirely.  Its one thing to have … Continue reading Improving SEO Results

SEO Audit Report Results

SEO Audit Report Results |  Getting your website name seen on Google, Bing, Yahoo searches and on other websites. Basic SEO at the very least is necessary to maintain your ranking. Keeping in mind that competitors are revamping their SEO weekly and even on a daily basis. Updating your website content is one of the … Continue reading SEO Audit Report Results

SEO Website Audit Report Tools

SEO Website Audit Report Tools | SEO is all about getting your website name seen on Google, Bing, Yahoo searches and on other websites. The Web contains billions of websites elbowing one another for a place in the front row on the first page of Google in the top 10 results). If you add directories, advertising … Continue reading SEO Website Audit Report Tools

Rant and Rave about Google

The Search I read a book called “The Search” by John Battelle that explores how Google and its rivals rewrote the rules of business and transformed our culture. What really caught my attention was Chapter 7 titled The Search Economy. It related how a small e-commerce store got yanked by the short-hairs when Google made … Continue reading Rant and Rave about Google

SEO Mobile Search Success

Before I get started with the must haves let me begin by saying this..Mobile search is king. And two things you need to be concerned with and that is how good is your mobile website experience and how fast does it load. Most of your clients and customers are going to see your website on … Continue reading SEO Mobile Search Success

What are the best SEO tools?

What are the best SEO tools? | There are a number of popular SEO tools used by experts in the SEO industry. Many SEO tools offer both free and paid versions. A few SEO tools include the following brands: • MOZ • Google Web Master Tools • Google Analytics • YOAST • Backlinko • Ahrefs … Continue reading What are the best SEO tools?

What Google wants!

Remember when the internet was still in its infancy? Then quickly it went from crawling to a brisk walk into all of our lives. These were the days when getting a website was a luxury and about as cool as it gets. Not all of your competitors had websites so you zipped along getting business … Continue reading What Google wants!

How can I get my website seen at the top of Google search engine

Written and video content building page rank authority is a path to the top of Google Search Engine. If you haven’t incorporated video and social media into your website consider it a missed opportunity in your website marketing strategy. Lets face it, humans like to see what their getting and see who they are dealing with. Video and social media … Continue reading How can I get my website seen at the top of Google search engine

Understanding Search Engines Generates Higher Web Rankings

As people continue to do more business and research over the Internet, search engine optimization (SEO) firms are scratching their heads wondering how to achieve great rankings for their Web clients. One method of supposedly generating great search engine rankings is called linking. This technique has gained in popularity with SEO firms, but produces questionable … Continue reading Understanding Search Engines Generates Higher Web Rankings

Broken Links and your SEO

Broken Links Will Hurt Your Search Engine Results Search engine results are becoming more important every day as more people use the World Wide Web to find goods, services and information. One way to help your website achieve a good website ranking on Google is by ensuring your site is free of bad links and broken … Continue reading Broken Links and your SEO

Google algorithm changes

Tweak your website for Google’s new search engine Updates and Modifications for google algorithm changes Sometime after the New Year, Google will roll-out a new algorithm called Caffeine to improve search results. For the most part Google is always tweaking and adjusting its search engine across all their data centers in order to improve speed … Continue reading Google algorithm changes

Search Engine List

Search Engine List – list of popular search engines and resource websites Google Google provides the option to find more than web pages. Using on the top of the search box on the Google home page, you can easily seek out images from across the web, discussions that are taking place on Usenet newsgroups, … Continue reading Search Engine List

Search Engine Marketing Scams

Avoid Getting Scammed and Ripped Off by Search Engine Marketing Scams Search engine marketers are trolling the web for easy prey. Here’s how to recognize the 5 red flags for these online predators promising you the moon for web site traffic. The old American axioms;  ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’  and  ‘if … Continue reading Search Engine Marketing Scams

Optimizing PDF files for SEO

Leverage PDF files For Better Web Results Many companies have marketing gold hidden in their servers and computers. These untapped assets can give you a leg up on the competition if marketed and optimized correctly. For the smart business owner, the days of posting non-optimized PDF files to their website is long over. This is … Continue reading Optimizing PDF files for SEO

Google Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird, Google’s latest change to how it handles search queries Here’s what this change means to you and your business. ‘Google Hummingbird’ is a good analogy for how this new search change actually works. If you have seen a Hummingbird while feeding it darts with hyper speed precision from flower to flower; much the same way … Continue reading Google Hummingbird Update

Mobile friendly search over Google

Mobile friendly search over Google – Google has officially announced they are planning to push mobile responsive sites in search results above others that are not. See: Use this Google tool to analyze a web page and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design and gives optimization recommendations. At VISIONEFX we create mobile responsive web design … Continue reading Mobile friendly search over Google

Ranking on Google

If you have gotten a phone call or email from a Google Representative this is most likely not coming from Google. So don’t be fooled. There are even websites that use the word Google in order to convince visitors that they are somehow associated with Google. So it is important for you to know just … Continue reading Ranking on Google

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