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Increase Traffic on your Website

A Few Smart Moves to Increase Traffic on your Website

How would you establish a shopping store’s popularity?
Simply by the number of footfalls .i.e. the number of people visiting it. Similarly, for a website, it is the number of clicks that measure the traffic on it.

So you finally have a good website……..
Now your woe is how to get that darn traffic headed towards it.
Here’s how.

Attracting more visitors to your website involves a few tactics.

The method of figuring on more searches, also called ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) is not a complex science. Popular search engines however, do not make their methods public though majority of the search parameters are known to web designers. These web designers exploit these SEO tactics on Google to give their sites an advantage over other sites in competition.

Internet search engines create their listings by indexing websites that they find when they move or ‘crawl’ as commonly referred to over the net. The dream of every website owner is to be listed on the first page of Google, which is the main supplier of traffic on the internet and one of the most popular search engines. Therefore, it makes sense to optimize your website for Google. The Google’s algorithm, which is the complex formula used by Google to rank web pages is often considered the Bible of website optimization.

Here are a few smart techniques that will go a long way in putting your website right on the top of list in any internet search and hence increase traffic.

A little Secret about Keywords

When someone is looking for information on a subject, he enters the subject headings of his topic in a search engine. These subject headings are also called ‘Keywords’. Search engines also look for keywords, so it makes more sense to keep the keywords in the title or header section of your webpage.

Lay Stress on the Quality of Fresh Content on your Website

The best way to increase traffic is to have interesting and valuable information on your website. Good quality of information will attract visitors to your site and also make other sites want to link to you. Another aspect to keep in mind is to regularly update and change the content of your website.

It won’t hurt to Register with Search Engines

While most search engines will find your site without your having to register, it proves beneficial to register to improve your rankings. Almost all sites allow you to register free. Taking this little step will find you appearing faster in their searches and increasing traffic on your website.

Internal Links on the Site

While keywords and content on your site is important, Search Engines also look for other information. Internal linking is one such arrangement, which affects your rankings. The recommended topology for internal linking is a simple structure with links not more than three clicks away from the main page.

Avoid Duplication of Content

Make sure that you do not place duplicate content on your website. This can affect the ranking of your website. Using duplicate title or mega tags on your pages will lower and disburse your internal page rankings, resulting in poor optimization.

Incoming Links

The number and quality of incoming links on your website also has an affect on your ranking. These links should be from related popular sites. More the number of incoming links, the higher will be your ranking in Search Engines. You should aim to add three to four of these incoming links every month, to keep improving upon your rankings and increase traffic on your website.

Linking to Other Sites

Link only to other high quality trusted sites, which deal with the same subject. However, avoid linking to spam sites as these can get your website blacklisted.

Reliable Web- Hosting

Associate with a reliable company, which will ensure that your site is available for 24 hrs, all 365 days of a year. It is better to hire a well-established company rather than risk your site with a new undertaking.

Optimizing your Meta Tags

Commonly, search engines look for information in your web page’s Meta tags and alt tags. A Meta tag is an html tag in the header section of your web page. Alt tags, which are an abbreviation for Alternate Text description, are words describing images for readers who have blocked images or are unable to process them. Therefore by paying attention to what you put there will help to increase traffic on your site.

Using Help is generally a Good Idea.

Using professional help is a great idea if you wish to witness an increase in traffic on your website. Google and Bing have web pages offering tips on improving your ranking. It also helps to hire a team that has an expertise in this area and can help to put your page on the top.

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