Hacking and Security Protection for Websites

How can I prevent website hacking?

The First step is to Being proactive

There is one undeniable truth about hacking, malware and online attacks; If you have not been hit already, it’s certain that you eventually will.

Hackers and spamming will get worse. There are multiple types of hacks and attacks. Most common server-side or web site hosting side hacking include;

SQL Injections where spammer and hackers attempt to insert visual links in hopes someone will click these to initiate a more malicious attack inside your browser install a program or infect a computer. In late 2013 Forbes posted an article titled ‘30,000 Web Sites Hacked a Day’. Since this time the numbers have increased 10 fold. Below is an excerpt from an article on Fortune;

“In case you needed a reminder that hacking is big business: a group of cyber criminals operating as part of a Chinese advertising firm, has been running a malicious ad racket that rakes in roughly $300,000 monthly, according to Check Point, an Israeli cyber security company. 

No hosting plan or website is 100% hack proof

No hosting plan or website is 100% hack proof. To illustrate this point, the list of hacked servers and websites is long and distinguished. Here are a few; The White house, Dept. of Homeland Security, U.S. Dept. of Education, Anthem, Kohl’s Department Stores, Target, Sony, Staples, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Linked In, major businesses and everyone in between. Even the CEOs of high profile technology firms are not immune to attack. Victims include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Sundar Pichai, Oculus’ Brendan Iribe, Yahoo’s Marisa Mayer and, now new to the list, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.

Best hacking defense is a proactive defense

The best hacking defense is a proactive defense. The 2 most recommend hacking mitigation services are Sitelock and Sucuri. Because these services provide an exceptional layer of security on top of your website hosting. Therefore the hackers and bugs are met with a first line of defense and stopped in their tracks.

If you do not have these services talk you your web developer or hosting company about implement these online services. On the client-side (your website) best practices include; updating Word Press plugins, updating Joomla extension, plugins, and modules, updating software, strong password management, and changing both hosting and website credentials every quarter.

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