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Does Google look for fresh content when ranking a website?

Yes, but this is the wrong question to ask. A smart business owner would ask; ‘How can I get customers to find my website when looking for goods, content, services and advice? Many business owners incorrectly assume that they should see their website appear in the top 10 of Google for trophy phrases. While Google ranking is important, is only 1 part of the equation for success search engine results.

The #1 point is CONTENT.

When it comes to writing awesome, compelling content on the Web, I remind my clients; ‘If you don’t have anything to write worth reading, then is better to wait until you do.’ In other words, never post content for contents sake.

The challenge for many business owners is simply finding the time to write. Many business owners turn over their writing (content generation) duties to SEO persons who generate the content for them. But take caution here. I remind them again… ‘No one knows your business better than you.’

One good tip I share on this is to extract any lengthy email conversations over the course of doing business. We all do this, without the realization that we are writing content. We are explaining to a peer or customer points and advice for ‘The who, what, where, how or why’.
There are many other ways to write compelling content. I like to browse the Google news for current information that captures my attention. I might find a news topic under any variety of sections that will serve to kick-start the idea for an article.

The key is to keep the process moving forward. Save finished and unfinished articles on your desk top. Circle back and re-write, amend or edit if necessary. You do not have to finish your article in one sitting. Slow and steady wins the race. Rome was not built in one day. But a great article will lead visitors back to Rome.

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