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How to talk to Google. A conversation with Algorithms.

Google’s dictionary definition for SEO ” is short for search engine optimization is now the company’s main marketing channel with the majority of investment going into SEO.”  In short: investing in optimizing digital marketing. Today’s SEO is fairly straight forward to obtain high quality results. However depending on your business and products the competition tells the tale about the best strategy for your SEO. You want to utilize all tools available to get those top 10 results. And you don’t want to leave anything behind such as your local search, targeting markets outside your location, horizontal search results that come out of left field and finds you saying to potential clients, how did you find me??  This includes Google Map pack, Organic search and Ad Words. This is why you’ll want to know how to talk to google.


And that brings me to content. What you’re saying about your company and products are being crawled and show up all over the search results. But one thing is certain, all content is not created equal. Google likes readable content and lots of it. And readable to most word programs and google are two different things all together. And I always explain it like this, remember who you are talking too. Google’s algorithm Rank Brain only knows what you tell it so let your content deliver a clear comprehensive message. You are relying on this algorithm to be clear on the difference between say auto parts and auto jobs. Semantic search improves accuracy and directs the search engines by your contents intent. You want to end up where you’re trying to be.


Each word in your content has purpose for the product or service you are selling. Provide complete information that anyone in junior high school can read. Your focus keywords invites the search engines to have a conversation with your content and your content is driving the results. When you write your content do it in natural language making it easy for the search engines to read. Make no mistake about it, in your website your writing for SEO. When the search engines crawl via your keywords it looking for questions and answers. Who are you, what do you do, are you an authority on the subject, etc.  Don’t assume that google will understand what your intent is. This is why information is king. Clear, concise and too the point information.

Answering Questions

When someone googles say “pest control Va Beach” that’s a question or ” I need pest control in my location” is one too.  But what about mobile search ” find me a pest control company near me”. Then there is a search that says ” I need a pest control company to kill rats Va Beach” This is why your content and pages needs to be written with as much information it can on who you are, what you do, and how you do it without being convoluted with unnecessary not pertinent information .  You want to the provide the answers specific to the title. If someone is looking for pest control and lands on your blog page with a feed of post not on topic you then risk losing authority. But answer questions beyond the title providing answers beyond the scope of the basic who, where and how.

Back Linking

Is another conversation. Your linking to other websites that is sending signals to google that provides your relationship to the information on that site. So say you are linking to a site that allows you to create a profile with your web address, info, images etc. you then create relevance to that domain. You are sending signals that lets google know you are getting a thumps up from other authorities. Having a few solid trustworthy back links is all you need, including  links in your local neighborhood of pertinent web sites for your local search and map pack .

Keeping it Fresh

Its important to keep your content fresh and original,  also adding new fresh back links. Like any conversation, you want to keep it new and interesting. You’ll want to invite the search engines to your new information, images and videos.

Lets get Social

Although social media has little affect on ranking its important to use social media to engage your viewers for clicks and views. These clicks, views and bounce affect your rankings as much as any link on your website. If you Instagram an image of a pair of shoes on your website and someone clicks the image, they are now on your website. And if it loads fast, looks good and has what that person was looking for, you are getting a great engaged view and hopefully selling the shoes too!

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