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Building a Successful eCommerce web site

Creating successful eCommerce web sites

The success of your e-commerce website begins with a great message and design; we call this the Website WOW factor. When someone finds your website online you want they to say; “This looks like a reputable business, this is a place I can do business with!” Whether you are redesigning an existing e-commerce website or launching a brand-new e-commerce website be sure you have a solid successful e-commerce  web site plan that you and your web developer have created to fit the needs of your business.

Most serious e-commerce website owners employ a full e-commerce shopping cart with automated real time credit card processing and integrated with a back end database.

List all credit cards and forms of payment your web site will accept
Be sure to list all the credit cards you website is able to process such as Visa, Master Card, AMEX and Discover. List all alternate methods of payment options (Pay Pal account, money order or e- check) List any special shipping, administrative and/or handling charges for international orders. If you do not have a merchant gateway to process credit cards online in your website popular gateways include;, Pay Pal, First Data Eze-Pay and Intuit Merchant Services.

Customer Retention
Make sure you have a newsletter incorporated into your website where you can offer customers the option of receiving updates via email. This is an important part of keeping yourself in-front of your customers. Remember that the odds are significantly greater that a customer, who has made a purchase, will return to purchase products from you again if the purchase experience was easy and simple to use and that the third party services such as payment gateways and shipping are reliable and the overall end product and services were delivered as advertised.

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