Google Launches Broad Core Update

How Google Broad Core Update affects your website Google updates all the time and we rarely see little affect with our stats. But last week Google launched a significant broad core algorithm update. With broad core updates we see big fluctuations over a course of a week. Because these wonky stats are the norm for us […]

Norfolk Web Design Clients

Norfolk Web Design Clients Norfolk companies trust VISIONEFX for all their website design needs. It’s no mystery that long standing Norfolk businesses, some 3rd generation companies with more than 50 years in business turn the web design experts VISIONEFX. Building long standing relationships with your customers There are many businesses in Norfolk who have a […]

How Do You Create a Perfect Logo

CREATING THE PERFECT LOGO There is no such thing as a perfect logo. Rather the question is; ‘What logo is perfect for my business?’ WHAT IS A LOGO? A logo is a graphic representation of your core business. In simplest terms it is; Who You Are, What You Do and How You Do It. Everyone […]

Veteran-led and Women-led businesses on Google

Veteran-led and Women-led businesses on Google By now many of you already know about Google My Business Listing Tool for your Business. Now you can add a ‘Veteran Led’ or a ‘Woman Led’ badge to your Google my Business listing page. It is very easy to get these labels on your GMB listing. First you login […]

Google Chrome now requires HTTPS for your website

Google Chrome now require HTTPS for your website. Here’s what you need to do. With the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “Not secure”. This is all part of the Google initiative to make the Web a safer place to visit. That’s the last thing you want your website visitors to see. […]

SEO | Google Updates Again

If you’ve seen some fluctuations or drops in your rankings this week blame it on Google. I promise it really isn’t your SEO professionals’ fault and there is probably nothing wrong with your website. The latest update that happened this week is just one of a few that will roll out this year. I began […]

Affordable Websites For Small Businesses And Start Ups

Affordable websites Lets face it, if your just staring out on your business adventure and haven’t even hired your first employee you may not need a custom website. Your first website may just be your online calling card and one stop social media hub. And if you’ve made the mistake of trying your hostings free […]

How Fast is Your Website?

How Fast is Your Website? | Your eyes can deceive you! It is hard to replicate the loading speed of your website on desktop and especially hand-held devices. You must take into account the following: Your machine speed (your computer or device) ISP speed (your connection to the Internet through COX, Verizon, Comcast and others) […]

5 Reasons Your Web Design Success is Our Success

 The VISIONEFX  business model is based on  Creative Concepts, Responsive Design, Branding, SEO and Security. Here are the 5 Reasons Your Web Design Success is Our Success! Creative Concepts   At heart of any successful design is the concept. You ask yourself “whats my mission, whats my client base, what is the potential of my business”? […]

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