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Defending your reputation online against damaging comments is extremely important. Because online comments have the power to help or harm businesses and individuals. Furthermore, social networks and blogs are disseminating opinions around the world.

Since persons may anonymously, is nearly impossible to get negative comments removed from Google search results.

However, there are ways to defend against negative comments, false information, and so on. If someone punches you in the nose then you have the right to punch back. I say, “Walk softly and carry a big keyboard.”


A yacht racing organization was getting pummeled by nasty online comments posted by a person with an ax to grind. The person making the negative complaints even owned the blog where he was posting the comments.

Every time someone Googled the name of the yacht racing organization, the blog would appear in the search results near their business listing.

The client came to me they wanted to know if we could somehow block the offending blog’s listing on Google. Sadly, the short answer is no. Google’s not in business to give you the truth, it’s in business to provide what you think is relevant.

The same is true for Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.


To combat a negative blog, a company must get Google and other search engines to list relevant sites (web site, blogs, and articles) that contain positive information to push the negative sites back to page 2 or 3 in the search results.

Because 99% of people searching for news or information will conduct a new search before they move to page two.

This is what VISIONEFX did for the client. First we posted positive feedback in what I refer to as ‘Reputable Power Ezine Websites’. We also posted positive feedback on related industry sites and blogs.

After a few weeks, we began to see positive results. After a few months, we dominated the first page of Google with references containing positive comments.


The proliferation of social sites has created powerful tools in counteracting negative comments on the web made about you or your business.

However, just building a “positive comments” website will not be enough. You need to know your way around these networks in order to attract traffic to your particular page.

But it is only one of several tools that you should utilize in helping you to dominate in first-page search engine results.


An article in the Washington Post about a company called Reputation Management, working to rehabilitate reputations by helping shape Google search listings.

The important thing to remember is that each situation should be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

A Google spokeswoman recently told the Indy Star, “Google does not object in principle to people adding positive content to outrank the negative. If you use spammy and manipulative techniques to get this positive content to rank highly, we may take action on it.”

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Defending your reputation online takes professional skill and patience. VISIONEFX provides online reputation services to small business owners throughout the United States. In addition, we provide Word Press design, Drupal, Moodle, and Joomla development. We also provide expert SEO and web maintenance services.

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