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Tips Redesigning Your Website – A well-thought-out web design plan will result in a long-term successful and meaningful website for your business. Because asking the right questions when building a new website is crucial.

And all web admins and web design companies are not created equal. Therefore knowing the following information will help you choose the right web design vendor. First, start by creating an RFP or Request for Proposal.

Below is an example of how to write your requirements.

I. Create a Website Summary

a. Our company is a veteran-owned small business with 20 employees in Anywhere, USA. We have provided technology security services and consulting to commercial businesses and the military since 1989.

II. Create a Website Goals Statement

Here are a few examples.
a. Our company seeks a new website that communicates our services; to acquire further business queries via search engines and social media sites.
b. Plan to perform updating or editing website pages in-house.
c. We require a dynamic or database page for job openings. And also allows users to submit resumes online.
d. Our deadline for the launch is in 6 weeks.

III. Creative Notes and Assets

a. We have a company logo and photos on the new website.
b. We will provide copy or content for the new website. We may need a copywriter who specializes in website copywriting.
c. We will provide any new photos needed for the website.
d. We will submit a website sitemap indicating the addition of ten new pages.

IV. Technical Notes and Assets

a. Our website is hosted with We are also open to moving our hosting plan.
b. Our Windows-based website has 40 live pages with multiple video and document links.
c. Our current database is in MS Access, and we would like to convert this to SQL.
d. We edit our existing website using Dreamweaver.

V. Create a Website Requirements List

a. Our website must fast-load and work in current browsers and operating systems, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.
b. We request guidance, recommendations, and cost options for Content Management Systems (CMS) or non-CMS website development.
c. We want a cutting-edge design for large screen resolutions. We will provide some links to websites we like along with our comments.
d. We would like search engine optimization so our pages appear well in Google for local, regional, or national searches.
e. We will provide a list of our competition and 20 search terms we would like to appear for in Google.
f. We are open to video or image animation on our home page.

VI. Create a Website ‘Wish List’ Options

a. We request guidance and recommendations for some Social Media applications such as Facebook or Twitter.
b. We want to sell some of our products online and ensure the website is scalable and can accommodate this. 
a. We request guidance and recommendations for some Pay-per-click campaigns in Google Ad words.


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