Choosing A Web Designer :

Choosing a web designer that’s the perfect fit for you and your business.

Choosing a web designer is an important task. And every so often a prospective web site clients ask me the following questions.

‘What makes your web designer different from all the others?’

‘What sets you apart?’

Therefore I wrote a ’12 POINT PRIMER’ for selecting a web design company that’s the best fit for you and your business. These are valid questions you should ask every designer.


1. “Do you have a portfolio, demonstrating your creative skills and technical abilities?

We exhibit our unique design styles on our featured clients page and clientele portfolio page. Clients favor VISIONEFX for our bold design.

2. “I already have a web site. Should I redesign my existing web site or create an entirely new web site?”

Chances are your web site was built on an older technology. This alone is reason enough to have a new web site.

3. “How does the web design process work?”

We have 5 STEP PROCESS to insure the success of your web site. Furthermore during the project we maintain communication with you via Onsite meetings, E-mail, Phone, SMS, and Webinars.

Step 1. Web Concepts
– We share, brain-storm, discuss design ideas with you to firm up the interface and creative direction of your web site.

Step 2. Keywords and Search Phrases – We research , review keywords and search phrases using tools and methods to ‘search engine optimize’ for Google search.

Step 3. Wire frame – We develop diagrams or a wire-frames to establish your primary navigation, establishing a road map for your web site framework.

Step 4. Design Comprehensives – To establish a look, feel and style for your site, we create original designs for your review. These are posted online for your review.

Step 5. Web site Build out – After your approval of the design we start the coding process. We will also provide a web address for viewing your site in production. Furthermore so you may proof and test drive every aspect of your web site.

4. “Do you have experience building web sites for a wide variety of clients?”

Choosing a web designer to build a business specific website is extremely important. We design web site for every business imaginable. We have over 300 sub categories representing multiple businesses posted in our staging design repository.

5. “Do you create original designs or do you use web templates?”

Our website design concepts are specifically branded to a client’s business, service or product. Each and every one of our designs are created from scratch in Photo Shop. 

6. “Can you build custom database driven web sites?”

Choosing a web designer that can write code is a huge plus. Because a coder can give you the edge over your competitors. For example they can increase website speed by tweaking your website code. 

Our expoert programmers code in .NET SQL, (Dot Net) Tellerik, PHP MySQL, Word Press, Joomla, Fusion and open source languages.

We are also experienced in legacy frameworks. For example Classic ASP, AS400 or ACCESS db. Our programmers write develop website programming code customized to your database and requirements.

Choosing A Web Designer

7. “How do you handle web site support?”

We perform web site maintenance, search engine optimization, and other web site enhancements for our clients. VISIONEFX believes that the relationship with our clients does not stop the day after their new web site goes live. We strive to remain the touchstone for everything ‘Web’ related. Clients can reach out by phone, email or live chat for questions or advice. We are all about having a long-term-partnership to help you navigated the changing digital landscape.

8. “Will my site be search engine friendly?”

Choosing a web designer who knows SEO is imperative. Because you want top ranking for your website in Google. However if any web company tells you they can guarantee you a 1st page spot on Google, then run the other way. No one can guarantee what Google will do. Rather ask, ‘Show me SEO results for similar business you have done. Better yet, ask them to show you their own SEO statistics. At VISIONEFX we will do both.

For example, Google a state wide search ‘web design virginia’ or ‘virginia web design’ or ‘virginia web design companies’ find VISIONEFX first page in the Top 5. We have many competitors, but successfully competing for a spot state-wide in the Google Top 10 speaks to our ability to get our clients web sites found on Google.

9. “Do you write web site content, or help write copy?”

VISIONEFX can help you with basic writing tasks for SEO purposes; however for the heavy lifting we have strategic partnership with copywriters writing for the SEO and the web. On the other hand we encourage clients to write their own content. After all no one knows your business better than you!

10. “Why is copy writing so important?”

In today’s online market place it has become vital for a web site to communicate effectively. And also be grammatically correct. From the marketing point of view, web content must clearly convey your message to visitors. From an SEO perspective professional level copy writing yields higher search engine ranking.

11. “Do you provide customers references?”

Choosing a web designer who does not have references is like rolling the dice. Therefore don’t gamble your hard earned dollars on a slick sales pitch. Because you want to work with someone who has a solid reputation for service and workmanship. Make sure you ask for references or reviews. VISIONEFX has live Google Reviews posted by actual customers.

12. “Does your price include hosting and registering a domain name?”

We recommend clients retain 100% control of their hosting and domain. You should never put your domain name and hosting in the control of another 3rd party. Web hosting and domain registration is relatively inexpensive. The yearly cost for a typical small business web site hosting plan ranges from $120.00 to $200.00 per year depending on how many years you sign-up for. We will help to guide you through the hosting setup process.


Your web site is the most powerful advertising vehicles in your marketing arsenal. Because its your store front never closed, open 24/7! We are here to help you achieve a powerful Internet presence. We build powerful sites, for predatory markets.

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