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In today’s online competition is intense. Smart webmasters and business owners know they need web maintenance to keep website content fresh and informative. Changing the content in your website on a daily basis also keeps the Google website ‘bots’ (A software algorithm that crawls web for links, content, images, video, PDF files and documents) visiting more often and will rank new pages higher in Google.

Updating for better search engine rankings is only a small part of the reason that regular website maintenance is important. A knowledgeable web designer knows that the general health of your website contributes to the success of your business. You wouldn’t want your visitors to find broken links, error pages or pages not found. These types of errors do not reflect well on your business reputation.

tailored several web maintenance programs

VISIONEFX has tailored several web maintenance programs to fit any budget. All of our web site maintenance customers are repeat customers. They know that maintenance changes are made within 24 hrs of their initial request. Web maintenance tasks are performed and tracked on Excel for your records. The minimum billing increment is .05 hours. Emergency and holiday web site maintenance is billed at 1.5 x rate.

• Website Maintenance Time blocks can be purchased at a discount•  Packages are available at 10, 20 and 40 hours• Time blocks do not expire until the hours have been used• Most tasks are made within 24 hrs if received before 10AM• All worked is tracked on Excel spread sheet for your records

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Reputation Is Everything. We make sure customer websites run like a finely tuned machine to help them beat the competition and excel online. Please take a moment and read our live Google Reviews.

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Visionefx knows it's essential to keep your Website, contact forms, and database humming along 24/7. We support and maintain your business website as your very own 'personal webmaster.'