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Do you build custom database or web based applications?

VISIONEFX has built custom database applications for a number of businesses and industries

Here are just a few examples of custom database applications that we have developed for client websites.

– Sourcing Made Simple is a company that interviews focus group participants for major advertisers representing Fortune 1000 companies. This client required an admin. system where they could generate custom questionnaires on the fly and generate front facing custom links for same. The client needed to aggregate the database based on the participant’s personal data and be able to store notes and all associated program documents such as PDF, PPT and Word document files.

– Mine Craft Seed Tours required a one-of-a-kind database where Mine Craft website members could upload Seed and associated Send map images and coordinates. The website also has the ability for members to upload machine exported map files for XBox, Play Station and PC Systems.

– Virginia Imports a website designed for food suppliers, food importers required a custom plugin capable to handling daily import and overwrite of detailed product records. Daily product records could vary from 8000 to 10,000 and the system needed to be customized to handle size of the upload without throwing errors or timing-out.

NCMA Tysons is the largest state based NCMA association in the U.S. The client required an e-commerce system that allowed members to pay for teaching materials and be able to download large files. VISIONEFX was able to customize a Joomla extension that maximized compression allowing members to do fast uninterrupted downloads.

Tiffany Yachts based in Burgess Virginia had been using the 3rdparty sales brokerage system Yacht World. VISIONEFX customized and modified a sales posting plugin software written for Word Press that gave the client all the functionality needed to post sales brokerage posting from within their own website, saving cost and time.

Buffalo Trails Cabins and Campground required a custom hospitality booking solution that allowed them to book unique room-cabins combinations + different amenities. VISIONEFX was able to write custom MySQL programming that allowed custom booking and functionality.

– Softaboard a website developed in Moodle was conceived by a private investor in Virginia who required a scalable educational portal developed that allowed educators and students to communicate much the same way private schools and universities login and connect over the popular Blackboard system software. VISIONEFX customized the Moodle open-source educational software application to meet the client’s needs and exceed expectations.

GLSTVA was created when five gastroenterology medical practices came together to form GLSTVA PLLC. The challenge was to combine the 5 divisions under one roof, while maintaining autonomy for SEO, content and patient resources. VISIONEFX created the corporate portal site for GLSTVA and added 5 separate Word Press division websites + databases within the GLSTVA portal. The end goal was to present a cohesive branding under the GLSTVA umbrella, but still allow for separation of online content, provider listings and marketing without diluting the brand. VISIONEFX was able to GLSTVA achieve their goals.

If you need a custom website + database solution for your business, VISIONEFX has the programming chops and skills to meet your requirements.

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