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Ranking on Google

If you have gotten a phone call or email from a Google Representative this is most likely not coming from Google. So don’t be fooled. There are even websites that use the word Google in order to convince visitors that they are somehow associated with Google. So it is important for you to know just how Google ranks a website.

There are 2 components to your meta tags that describe and define your webpage content to search engines.
a. Title Tag – A title tag can be compared to the table of contents found in a book. Think of as 64 characters that best describe what your webpage is all about.
b. Description Tag – A description tag is a short summation that goes into more detail to describe your web page. 

Website traffic in the digital world works much the same way it does in the organic world.
a. Clicks on your web pages
b. Time spent on your web pages
c. Links clicked on your web pages
d. Visits from one page to another page within your website

Links to Your Website (External links on the Web that link to your website)
If you have linked your Twitter, Linked In, Face book or other social network account to your website then you have created a link to your website. Outside links also known as 3rd party links are a ‘vote’ or ‘citation’ for your website. Your website link on reputable site indicates to Google that you are a credible resource.  There are hundreds of places online where you may create or submit a free link for your website.

Interior links (Links inside your website that link to other pages within your website)
Internal or interior links are the links that connect the information found inside your website in a meaningful way that is useful to your visitors and helpful to search engines.

Mobile Responsive
In 2016 the big push into mobile responsive sites in search results above others became a reality. Mobile search is the number on place your potential clients will find you first.See:

Longer Domain Registration
Longer Domain Registration Increase Search Engine Ranking

Today a responsive mobile design is a must-have functionality considering the growing market of devices with varied screen sizes to include; iPad standard, iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Windows, HP and HTC tablets and large screen mobile devices such as Galaxy Tab.

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