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Web Design Norfolk VA is a search term to find a reputable Norfolk web design company. Besides you want to work with a Hampton Roads web design company who has got your back. In other words you want a professional web company committed to help you to succeed over the long haul.

Once you browse our client portfolio you can be certain you’ve found the right company. In addition we have history of providing professional website design to Norfolk business owners. And serious business owners choose VISIONEFX.

We join with you in planning the success of your business website. Specifically we map out a marketing plan insuring optimal success the day your new site goes live. Because we just don’t build websites. VISIONEFX builds successful websites.


In the business world having a creative website is not enough. Because your website sell what’s presented. In other words, creativity alone is not going to attract sales or traffic. Rather it takes a solid marketing strategy to achieve a successful outcome online.

Our creative strategy follows these important steps.
1. Craft powerful taglines and imagery to persuading your online prospects.
2. Write thoughtful content to influence your readers.
3. Encourage repeat visitors by creating a memorable experience.

Cleverness alone doesn’t sell product and services. On the other hand, clever marketing is great. But shouldn’t be used for the sake of simply being clever. Rather your message should be loud and clear. Equally important there should be no ambiguity in your communication. Generally you only have a few seconds to capture visitor’s attention. Therefore VISIONEFX develops a creative strategy to engage and retain your audience. For this reason our clients enjoy high user traffic and lots of return visitors.

At VISIONEFX our creative strategy starts at the beginning of your project. Because your creative strategy lays the foundation for all that comes after.


Google has become the de facto standard in online search. Surely this will be the trend for a long time. And it’s not just about keywords anymore. Previously Google would simply provide an answer to a question. Today Google is all about the Search Journey. First Google looks at context. Second Google shows users content most relevant to their collective ‘search journey’.

Search can be local, regional or national. A successful SEO outcome depends on identifying all possible search opportunities.

A successful web site SEO plan follows these 3 rules
1. Define whether your reach is local, regional or national.
2. Identify 3 strong competitors in your space.
3. Analyze what they are doing, then do it better.

SEO has become a multi-faceted search experience. At VISIONEFX our SEO strategy insures getting found in Google’s new search journey’ algorithm.


When someone reads your website, they are alone with your words. Therefore you want to craft your message in a thoughtful manner. Because connecting with readers on a personal level keeps them on your website. Likewise if you have products or services, define what makes yours unique. And don’t forget the taglines! On average, 5 out of 10 people will read all your content if you have a compelling tagline.

An effective web site content plan follows these 3 rules
1. Avoid using tricky or confusing taglines. (Keep it straight forward and simple.)
2. Use sub-headings to divide your thoughts or message.
3. Write. Then read aloud, re-write, spell-check and read again. (in that order)

Does your content communicate? VISIONEFX will work with you to create content that matters, to captivate your visitors. To communicate effectively is to communicate perfectly!


Pick up a magazine while you’re waiting in line at the grocer. Next notice that images dominate the pages. Because images punctuate content. For example a cookbook will always contain lots of food photography. Images are important! If you do not have original photos, there are lots of stock photos available. Use images that best illustrate your message.

VISIONEFX designers have backgrounds in agency print advertising. Therefore we bring our agency experience in print, broadcast and animation to craft web pages rivaling the finest print publications.

Proper use of website visuals follow these 3 rules
1. Use visuals that compliment your copy.
2. Try not to mix visual styles. Keep it consistent.
3. Make sure there is no ambiguity or mixed messaging in your photos.


Not withstanding moving images, your website is mostly static. Video provides a welcome respite to your readers. Because a well placed video invites your users to take a quick break from reading. Similarly 5 out of 10 people will skip right to the video.

Just about everyone loves to watch a video. For example recent statistics reveal have over 1,300,000,000 have been uploaded to You Tube. Furthermore over 300 hours of video are being uploaded every minute. At the same time both Facebook video and Microsofts’ Vimeo are growing exponentially.

Not all videos are Hollywood level productions. In fact over 50% of videos are shot on mobile phones. On the other hand many company videos are simple Power Point presentations. The video experts at VISIONEFX will help you find the perfect video solution that works best in your website.

Successful website videos follow these 3 rules
1. If you shoot a video without narration, be sure you have an audio track.
2. Use a service like You Tube or Vimeo to play back videos in your website.
3. Keep your video length to about 3 minutes or less.


VISIONEFX is a Virginia corporation. Virginia is our home base. In other words this is where we live, work, design and play. We service website clients across the US, from Florida to California. At the same time we also have website clients in Norfolk Ghent, Downtown Norfolk, Norfolk Industrial Park, Waterfront Norfolk and Norfolk Commerce Park.

Web design Norfolk VA means we know Norfolk front to back, inside and out. Moreover this is especially important with local SEO implementation. Specifically we know the local search terms that get our Norfolk web design client’s top ranking in Google search. When it comes to top SEO results, local knowledge makes all the difference.


VISIONEFX believes that the relationship with clients does not stop the day after their new website goes live. Because we strive to remain the touchstone for everything ‘Web’ related. Equally important clients can reach out to us by phone, email or live chat. We are all about having a partnership to help you navigated the changing digital landscape.


VISIONEFX is a Virginia based web design company. We serve customers nationwide from 9:00 AM to  7:00 PM Monday through Friday and Saturday from 10AM to 7:00 PM EST. VISIONEFX takes Web design Norfolk VA to a whole new level of excellence. Please be sure to read our Google Reviews. Read what our customers have to say about our services. For more information about our website services you may reach us at 757-963-1787 or contact us online.

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Reputation Is Everything. We make sure customer websites are running like a finely tuned machine to help them beat the competition and excel online. Take a moment and read our live Google Reviews.

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