How does Google work?

How Google Works to Find Links and Content


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How does Google work, you ask? First, Google follows links. Moreover, they follow links from one web page to another. Above all, descriptive links work best for users and specifically for SEO purposes.

For example, the best practice for a descriptive link includes linking the ‘keyword phrase’ within a sentence or paragraph to a corresponding webpage. To illustrate this, let’s take a look at an example in real-time.

Below is a snippet of a website article we posted about web maintenance containing specific words with text links. For instance, under the section ‘Check Your Web Forms,’ find three text links to the following phases:

  1. ASP mail form script sending form mail on Exchange Server
  2. ASP mail form script on Network Solutions
  3. ASP Mail form script on Go Daddy
How does Google work?
In this illustration, see how each keyphrase highlighted in red is linked to a relevant page.

Above all, from an SEO perspective, these key phrases rank on the first page of Google search. View the three videos below to see the 1st page Google search results for each descriptive phrase, a.k.a long-tail key phrases.

View search results video for ASP Mail form script on Go Daddy

See search results video for ASP mail form script on Network Solutions

Mail form script sending form mail on Exchange Server search results from video

The Google crawler follows these links 24/7 and saves all crawlable information in a vast database called the Google index.

Specifically, this crawlable information includes; Web pages, Blog pages, Documents (PDF, DOCX, PPT, XSL), and Images.

Moreover, Google regularly updates its index. Therefore when you update your information new version of this page is saved. Furthermore, the traffic on your site and the number of changes you make on your website impact how often these crawlers visit your website.

Also, see How Do I Get Google To Notice A New Page On My Website.


Posting original content often and frequently with descriptive links attracts attention on Google. Specifically the same goes for revising your existing content! Either way, both methods help to increase your visitor traffic and website ranking on Google.


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