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Make Sure Your Website Links and Forms are Working

We live in a world of ever-changing technology, and some of these changes can adversely impact your website.

Check Your Website Functionality | Here are some steps you can take to ensure your website continues to function correctly and stays accessible to clients and visitors.

New Browser Updates May Cause Problems

When Internet Explorer released version 7, some website navigation systems stopped working. Now would be a good time to make sure your website navigation is working correctly in all popular browsers.

Web Host Security Upgrades May Cause Problems

Good web hosting companies update and install security upgrades to protect or enhance email performance. However, some of these upgrades may affect how your web forms work. A form script installed on your website today may not function during a server upgrade.

Check Your WebForms.

If you have one or more website forms, fill them out and click submit. Then check your email to see if you received the information. If not, contact your web host or web developer to troubleshoot and correct the problem. Your web forms must be working since this is one of your gateways to your electronic communication. If your website forms have stopped working altogether, see: ASP mail form script sending form mail on Exchange Server on Host My Site, ASP mail form script on Network Solutions, and ASP Mail form script on Go Daddy.

Check For Broken Links

Nothing will frustrate a visitor more than a broken link. Plus, this makes your website look bad. It tells your visitor you really don’t care or pay much attention to your website. Check your email links too.

If you have over 50 links to outside websites, you may want to subscribe to a link checking service to detect changed or broken links. Working links are good for your search engine ranking. However, if a search engine robot is constantly detecting multiple broken links, developers agree this may affect your ranking.

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