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Monitor Your Web Site

Monitor Your Web Site! Remember to frequently monitor your website health and information.

Your Website is a 24/7 Commercial

The number of people authorized to add information to the site determines how often it should be proofread. Because web sites are a window to your targeted audiences, competitors and the media. Furthermore they should maintain a relevant message and be free of grammatical or factual errors.

Pay Attention to your Photos and Graphics

Your photos and graphics should always look clean and crisp. Because if you don’t have professional photos, then make sure your photos are well lit and consistent.

Check for Broken Links and Page Errors

Check for subtle mistakes such as broken links or page errors can hurt search engine optimization results. Further more it casts a shadow on your website trust factor. As a result a finely tuned Web site projects professionalism and credibility.

Keep your Web site in tiptop shape and stay on your toes — the world is ALWAYS watching you now.

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Your business website is open for inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore you cannot afford your website to be down or offline for one minute. Furthermore a business does not have time to wait for a website issue to be fixed. If you are a VISIONEFX web maintenance client, you don’t have worry about things like that!


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