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Visual differences seen on browsers and computer screens

Visual differences seen on browsers and computer screens

Websites can look different on machines and devices for different reasons. Have you ever noticed that your website looks different depending on where and how you are viewing? Here are the reasons why this occurs.

Browser types
1) The type of browser you are using such as Internet Explorer, Fire Fox Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera and others ‘render’ images and text differently – so to say that text and images will look different ( smoother, sharper – fuzzier – brighter ) from browser to browser.

Machines and Devices
2) MAC and PC – Browser fonts have a tendency to look slightly different when rendered on a Mac vs a PC. Mac browsers tend to anti-alias browser text smoother than it often appears on PCs.

Screen Resolution
3) The type of screen resolution you are viewing at determines if text and images appear sharp or fuzzy as well. For example a webpage viewed at 1024px resolution looks quite different than a page viewed at 1920px and above.

Monitor Type
4) Your computer monitor plays a huge roll in what you see. Your monitors’ graphics card determines the degree of sharpness, depth and detail for what you are viewing. Most computer monitors sold in the US are LCD. These include the active matrix or TFT and a passive matrix technology. Among these, TFT technology is more secure and reliable, and generates better picture quality. At the end of the day what you see will vary from screen to screen.

User Settings
6) Users will often change screen settings and will impact the way your website looks. Some may change the color calibration of their monitor or may have a 3rdrd party application installed on their computer that affects the monitor display.

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