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How does search engine optimization work?

How does search engine optimization work? – VISIONEFX started following Google back in 1998 when Google was in its’ infancy. Since then Google has continually changed and refined its search engine to thwart unscrupulous programmers and developers who try to cheat their way into Google Top 10 search results.

Enter Matt Cutts

Over the years, former Google alumni and engineer Matt Cutt’s (public face at Google Search for many years) continually preached the same mantra year after year; ‘Build websites for humans, not search engines’. Matt stressed that too much emphasis was being put on all the tiny back-end details and mechanics of SEO; that web site owners were overlooking the most important aspects for having a website that ranks high in Google search. Matt reminded website owners that the most important factors for a high ranking website were broken into 3 basic categories:

– Well designed, easy to navigate.
– Useful informative content
– Descriptive photos and/or graphics
Mobile Responsive
– Updated with fresh content every now and again

– Descriptive title and description meta-tags
– Thoughtful interior linking
– Accurate use of ALT and TITLE tags for photos and images

– Create high value links and profiles outside your website by way of:
~ Social networks
~ Directories
~ Blogs
~ Communities
~ Groups

There are no short cuts and no magic solutions to search engine optimizing a website. It takes time and effort to achieve results.This is exactly why our team at VISIONEFX works to your specific needs to get you in front of your existing and potential customers. Your success is our success!

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