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Do Blogs help with ranking on Google?

Blogs are a great way to build pages. And in many case business blogs = new customers. However you must follow basic best practices. Here are some FAQ’s and tips to help you get started.

Do Blogs help with SEO on Google?

Yes. As long as you are posting rich content; content that is interesting, engaging, entertaining or educational. Same holds true for Blogs, websites, directories and social networks.

How Do I Improve my Blog rank on Google?

You need to encourage people to visit your Blog pages. If you have time invested into social sites, ask your, ‘What roll should social networking play in my business‘?

How do I increase visits to my Blog.

There are multiple ways to increase traffic to your Blog pages. (Especially Professional Business Blog Design)
Use social network sites; post a teaser or snippet to garner attention that links back to your Blog post.
Post topical content; content that is popular or trending online.
If your Blog is part of your website, create a function where your most recent Blog posts are seen on your home page.

Do Blog comments help my SEO?

Comments (both open and moderated) are a great way to engage visitors. (Visitor engagement equals traffic) You will need to make the decision whether or not to enable the comments section. Nothing looks worse than see multiple Blog posts followed by no comments.

May I post another person’s content on my Blog?

It’s your blog, your web site so it is your decision. Experience tells me that you should ALWAYS write your own content.
Original content is more valuable for SEO
Rewriting existing content does little more than help to fill pages.
Re-posting content should only be done if the information is useful to your readership. You should always mention the original source and the author’s name.

Should I link to other websites on my Blog?

Links are a good thing. Links are how we locate information on the World Wide Web. My advice is to be judicious with your links. Many websites archive their links, which will break the link you created. This happens all the time on news and information websites.

What is the best way to use my Blog?

Consider using a different file name or title for your Blog such as Resources, Articles, Media Center, Documents and so on… as appropriate.

Should I use 3rd party Blogs like Google Blogger?

I have written extensively on this subject. My answer is emphatically NO. Unless you have 100% ownership or control over your Domain name, Blog, your web hosting and your Blog files then you run the risk of losing it all.

About Rick Vidallon
Rick Vidallon is creative director for web design agency VISIONEFX. He has been in the advertising and digital graphics industry for over 3 decades.

Blogging SEO FAQ

Does Blogging Help SEO?

Yes. You should post well-written content in your web site blog that is interesting and engaging because it increases the chances for your website or blog getting found on Google.

How Do Bloggers Use SEO?

Bloggers use same proven SEO tactics as Webmasters. First they make sure the page URL or file name match the title tag. And when possible this matches the main keyword. Here’s an example.
1. URL:
2. TITLE TAG: How To Build an Online Store
3. KEYWORD: How To Build an Online Store

Which Blog Platform Is Best For SEO?

Hands down the blogging platform for SEO is Word Press. Word Press was originally built for blogging. You want to use Word Press because there are many popular plugins available for SEO. The most popular Word Press Blog plugin for SEO is Yoast.

How Do I Get My Blog Noticed?

1. Use social network sites and post a teaser or snippet to garner attention that links back to your Blog posting.
Post topical content; content that is popular or trending online.
2. If your Blog is part of your website, create a function where your most recent Blog posts are dynamically fed to your home page.
3. Display videos, images or photos in your blog posts to keep your readers engaged.

Does Blog Commenting Still Work?

Comments are a great way to engage visitors and build traffic. When people leave comments on your blog becomes crawl-able content. Be sure to link and post thoughtful comments on the blogs sites that are posting comments to your blog.

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