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Search Engine Optimization SEO Virginia – Way back when 2008 to 2011 it was hard to keep pace with all the new web inquiries pouring in from customers who found our company on Google. I had started following Google in 1999. Back then I also used search engines such as Dog Pile, Alta Vista, MSN Search and Yahoo. But there was something different about Google. It totally made sense how it displayed results based on the content you were searching.

I carefully implemented and adhered to best practices for content and linking when designing a website to get found on Google. Although other designers used link farms, hidden keywords and other black-hat tactics in an effort to ‘game’ Google search results. And when I saw black hat SEO techniques working for other websites I stayed the course which paid-off in a big way for my company.

From 2011 through 2014 I did not watch my search engine placement as closely although a cursory glance revealed VISONEFX was still in the top 10 of Google. During 2015 to 2016 in noticed our website had slipped back to page 2 or further in Google searches. Normally this would give the typical web design company owner a heart attack. Not me. My current client base and referrals keep our company plenty busy.

It was then I realized that even the most dominate Fortune 500 brands in the marketplace can get caught unawares by young competitors looking to eat their lunch. Think about the sports ware leader Nike. Now you see brands Under Armor, Adidas and Reebok taking a huge bite out of the Nike branding market share.

Same applies to search engine ranking placement (SERP). This is the numbered position of a website found during a Google search. Appearing on the 1st page of Google is referred to appearing in the Google Top 10. If one of your competitors are updating their content and link building on a weekly basis they have a good chance of jumping ahead of your SERP in a Google search. Website owners must be proactive and vigilant in maintaining their website position on Google.

Beginning October of 2016 I began an aggressive SEO campaign for VISIONEFX that included:
Re-writing of existing content
Writing brand new content
Revision of meta titles and meta descriptions
Freshen-up existing back links ( Google+, Facebook, Twitter and so on…)
Seek out and create brand new backlinks

Over the next 3 to 4 months we clawed back our position in Googles’ Top 10 even stronger than before for local and state wide search engine optimization.

The SEO take away

Continually adapt and evolve your online marketing. Keep website content fresh and relevant and continue to seek out back-link opportunities or risk having the competition eat your lunch.
Fortunately I love lunch, so this is not likely to happen again!

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