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When it comes to search engine optimization most things will stay the same. There has been an evolution of  Google algorithm roll-outs that are a 100% in play now. Although reputation online has always been a powerful Google signal, its not in the way you’d imagine. When it comes to your website you always want to build a good solid reputation. Much of your online reputation is brought about by powerful back-linking to websites that have a solid reputation; as well as your reviews and how you operate online.

Keep your online marketing legit and use web specialist in SEO, web marketing and social media marketing to handle your companies online reputation. Don’t hand the reputation of your company to someone inexperienced. It’s hard to clean-up once your reputation is damaged.


Your brand is your reputation. I always tell people; “When it comes to Google search results you will have highs and lows but in the end its your brand that saves the day”. If you are building an online brand whether for blog purposes or for sales, you want to always make your users feel they found what they were looking for. Users will quickly call you out online if you tell them one thing but deliver something different. Encourage good reviews and avoid doing things that will get you bad ones. Protect your website brand. And don’t underestimate the power of social media marketing. You want people talking about your company in a positive way online wherever.


You probably noticed that people of all ages love video. This is why You Tube is the giant it is. I’ve been saying for years that if written content is the energy that keeps websites going; then video is nuclear. I like video on-page, especially landing pages because people tend to stay on your website longer. It improves time on your website, reduces bounce rate and encourages a user to hang around and look for more. I think websites that make mobile friendly videos available are smart. It’s consumer forward thinking. Video is going to be the content of choice this year.


Google is crawling your mobile website version first. Although your mobile and desk top website are one website, think of  your mobile version as the door that opens it all. Is it a big deal? Absolutely! Just make sure your website is up to date, responsive and loads fast. Load speed is everything.

Going into 2019 the best thing you can do to maintain good ranking is to keep it fresh. Add lots of new relevant content to include, videos, images and written content on-page. Google likes fresh, new information that’s easy to access and loads fast. Pretty much like we all do.

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