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You protect your website brand by not trying to modify or design your own website. Website owners with little or no design experience are sending a clear message to their website audience – “we do not put any value on the appearance of our website.”

That’s a subtle message being picked up by the consumer potentially cost you sales. Many business owners take this route to save some money. More importantly they think its easy.

Surf around the Internet. It’s easy to tell who hired a professional webmaster with experience. Experience in graphic design, typography, Web safe colors, layout, flow, and agency look. Its just as easy to spot the amateurs. So  when the world doesn’t come flocking to their door, they wonder why.

News flash. The world isn’t coming to a website that looks old and outdated, and is hard to understand and navigate. Most Internet users know there is an easier way to get what they want – and they will click off your website in a heartbeat and find a website they can relate to and use with ease. Business owners are unwittingly editing their own websites serving as both designer and editor. They are making text styling, photo cropping and other modifications that slowly morphs their website from being a polished, relevant, well-designed marketing tool into a cheap-looking, website people will avoid. This is why you want a professional web design company  for your online brand.

Are your visitors seeing your website as unsafe?
Have you noticed a message in the upper left part of your domain name? Google Chrome now requires HTTPS for your website.

Web designers know the measure of success – the difference between a killer website design and a standard, ho-hum website design, is the Website WOW factor.

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