Hacking and Security Protection for Websites

Improving Your Website Security Against Hackers

Improving your website security against hackers is one of the most important things you can do for your website. And when it comes website security, hacking, malware and infections, you can count on 3 basic truths.

1. You’ve already had a website hack.
2. You are going to experience a website hack.
3. Your hacked already and don’t know it.

Website security concerns are at an all time high. Everyday there are website or email spam hacks, state-sponsored hacks, hacktivists, otherwise website security exploits. You can take protective steps to fortify your website security defenses in your website and your website hosting server plan. While there are no guarantees to completely defeat a hacker; you can make yourself less of target.

Protecting Content Management Websites

Content management system websites to include Word Press, Joomla, Magento, Moodle, Drupal, Moodle and others CMS systems have internal things you can do to protect from hacking. These include; security login challenges, protecting or hiding login pages and folders and strong password encryption. Many of these website platforms offer ready-made plugins and modules that provide a layer of protection within the website itself.

Protecting Non-CMS Websites

A non CMS website are websites built in open-source HTML, HTM, PHP or ASP pages. Even non-CMS websites suffer hacks via weak FTP login credentials and SQL injections via website contact forms. One of the strongest protection methods available today are ‘Cloud based firewall protection’. These services offer complete website security, protection and monitoring such as Sucuri and Sitelock. A cloud based firewall prevents bad-actors from accessing your website hosting server, but if they do get through – they are detected and removed.


Hackers are like digital predators, probing the landscape for weak, easy prey. And once they get in the door- they will keep coming back again and again until you take solid proactive steps to block their hacking efforts.

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