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Avoid losing your website means one or more things that could happen to result in your website going offline. And in some cases, you might lose all your website files as well.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this could never happen to you. Because I have seen this happen before for each of the reasons mentioned below.

Let’s examine some ways this can happen.

1. Your Hosting Company Goes Out of Business Or Goes Offline

Don’t laugh. Google the phrase ‘FBI takes down hosting server 2020’ and find over 2 million references containing this search phrase.

FBI takes down hosting server

2. Your Backup-Service Goes Off-Line

Even the most trusted cloud-based back-up services can experience interruptions. For example, hacking or other technical issues could lock you out of your account.

Your backup-service goes off line.

You Forget to Pay Your Hosting Bill

This usually happens when you fail to get an email notification that your website payment is due. Because your email is not 100% dependable this frequently happens. Similarly, business owners forget to update any email changes in their website hosting account, resulting in a missed hosting payment notice.

Avoid losing your website

You Forget to Update The Credit Card In Your Hosting Account

In most cases, hosting companies provide a 30-day grace period before your website is deleted. Furthermore, once your website is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

You forget to update the credit card in your hosting account.

How to Prevent This From Happening To You

One sure-fire way to ensure never losing your website is to take a local backup. Most webmasters agree this old-school method affords you protection and peace of mind.

How To Take A Local Backup Of Your Website?

Most hosting control panels have a back-up wizard that will create a zip-file of all your website files and folders. First login to your website hosting account. Next, locate your cPanel or Control panel. Finally, locate your ‘backup’ button or link. In order to start your backup, a simple click will create a zip file you can download for safekeeping on your computer. And for the extra measure, you can put a copy on a thumb drive.

How To Take A Local Backup of Your Website

Avoid Losing Your Website

Above all set a time in your calendar to do this each month for a restoration peace of mind. In other words, if you were to lose your website for any of the reasons mentioned, you will have a backup copy to restore your website right at your fingertips!

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