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Google Chrome now requires HTTPS for your website

Google Chrome now requires HTTPS for your website.

Chrome now marks all HTTP sites as “Not secure”. This is all part of the Google initiative to make the Web a safer place to visit. That’s the last thing you want your website visitors to see. If a person or potential custom views your website as NOT SECURE, they are most likely to think there is a virus or other website hacking issue on your website.

With HTTPS your website address will show the word ‘Secure’ with a small ‘lock’ icon to indicate your  website is safe and secure. Here are the steps to take if you do not have HTTPS otherwise known as SSL.

How To Set Up HTTPS For Your Website

1. Call your website hosting company or webmaster to see if you have an SSL or security certificate.

2. If you do not have a SSL (aka: secure socket layer) certificate you may purchase one through your hosting company or a 3rd party provider who sells SSL certificates for websites. If you do have a certificate you should ask your webmaster or website hosting company to install one on your website’s hosting server.

3. Ask your webmaster to setup your web pages, files, images, links and coding to display as HTTPS. If you have a Word Press website there is a great plugin called ‘Really Simple SSL’ that can be installed. There you go. Having your website display as HTTPS reinforces your brand as a professional website. Now you are ready to accept online customers, clients and visitors; instead of scaring them away!


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