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Backlinks for SEO | We see them every day in our inbox. “I would like to link to your site.” While many of these are legitimate requests, many are not. Therefore I suggest you choose your links carefully. Because backlinks are links to other 3rd party websites, for example, if you had a medical website, you might link to an article on an AMA website.

Backlinks for SEO begins with going to the requesting website to check the following details.
1. Has the website indexed by Google?
2. Is the website relevant to your business?
3. Most important, is the website a useful resource for your website visitors?

Backlinks for SEO also mean only linking to web pages you find valuable to your visitors. Create thoughtful pages with links and detailed link descriptions. In other words, build links and web pages for visitors, not search engines.

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Proactive webmasters can seek-out and create their own backlinks. For example, Google My Business and BING Places are two great places to start. Furthermore, you can submit your website to online directories. These links help your website build authority after a period of time, which in-turns build ranking.

A backlink is a mention of and linking of your website on another 3rd party website. For example, a free or paid-for business listing on Yelp is a backlink. Here is a quick reference for good places to create strong backlinks.

I like to compare a backlink being similar to the ‘votes’ collected during a political campaign. To illustrate, think of each backlink as a ‘vote’ for your website. And as Google crawls the web, it collects, counts, and analyzes the links. At the same time, Google is also crawling your competitors’ websites. Therefore you want to grow and have more quality backlinks.


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