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Google changing how your website gets found in searches

Google continues to change the way your website get found in searches.

Google changing how your website gets found in searches | Here’s how to prepare for these changes and improve your results.

Since 2000 Google has constantly evolved to deliver what they deem as clean, unfettered search results. And Google is constantly tweaking and changing their search engine algorithm every hour of the day.

This all boils down to a single common denominator that webmasters/business owners need to remember.
“What makes perfect business sense in the organic world also applies to the online digital world”.

Your website is your book, flyer, newsletter, tabloid, tri-fold, or magazine.
Ask yourself; ‘does my website impart any of the following values?

1. Useful and informative
2. Credible, trust-worthy
3. Engaging, entertaining
4. Good layout, mobile friendly, easy to browse
5. Free of grammar errors, broken links and technical errors

These 5 point’s mentioned above are at the top of the ‘signals’ that Google looks for every day. And for any website having done and continue to do all the above on a consistent basis equate to digital foot traffic aka ‘time spent on a page(s)’.

!!! – Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools apply a great deal of importance for analyzing individual website pages – !!!

1. Useful and informative
If your content is dated, then jump right in and do some ‘re-writes’. Fresh content is always a big plus when it comes to improving your search results.

2. Credible, trust-worthy
Testimonials are always a good source. Add links for references from external sources such as associations or educational websites.

3. Engaging, entertaining
Add videos or color info graphics to support and compliment your content.

4. Good layout, mobile friendly, easy to browse
Keep things simple. Avoid clutter by paginating pages contains lots of text. Keep clicks to pages at one or two clicks. When it comes to clicks; less is more.

5. Free of grammar errors, broken links and technical errors
Test your website pages through spell check. Also take a hour out your day and manually click the links in every page to make sure there are no link errors. Test your website contact and inquiry forms to make sure these are working as well.


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