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Search engines are going into a new uncharted era of change. As in all things technological its fast and ever reaching growth is based on population and accessibility. And in terms of internet growth the same is true. Competition is ever expanding because more people can compete in the free online market because of hand held devices. We are now in a world where almost everyone has a computer because of smart phones and are using them to search for everything as much as for communication.

When you want something whether its a pizza or a dentist you voice search the moment you need it and the results are instant and the choices many. And if you haven’t noticed on mobile searches your website is in tough competition with ads,Thumbtack and other directories that push your website further down the page.

As gloomy as it all seems its not the end of the world for your website. These ads seem more prevalent because the screen size is smaller. Truth be told, ads don’t generate a lot of money because if they did we’d all be buying ads. What does generate business is keeping your website in a competitive position in the search. The question is how to do that. And the answer is simple.

Maintenance on your existing website. Are you maintaining your website in the best condition possible to keep you competitive in the changes that we are all experiencing in algorithm modifications, voice search and tight competitive markets? If you are doing your own website maintenance then be mindful of content. Old content, outdated content, broken links, tags, new content, key words.

If your not doing your own website maintenance then have your web professional do it and soon. If your website isn’t responsive or mobile friendly now is the time to redesign to a responsive website

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