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Building a Mobile Version of Your Website

Building a Mobile Version of Your Website

Most websites will display fine on mobile or smaller screens. In other words, they will at least appear on the screen but not necessarily be easy to read or navigate. Furthermore, specific animations and other effects may not work on mobile devices.

The most popular mobile operating systems are running on iPhone and Android. So, let’s say you want to develop a mobile version of your website. A mobile web page or website is a stripped-down version of the main webpage displaying its most important links or content with no fancy drop-downs or other eye candy. Effects.

Unless there is a compelling reason to create a separate mobile website, it is best to wait OR develop your website inside a CMS or Content Management System with modules that support the management of multiple hand-held and tablet devices, otherwise known as responsive design.

You do not have to worry about separately updating your main website and the mobile version. With a suitable CMS (Content Management System), you can update text, links, and photos in ‘one’ place and have it populate all your website and mobile site(s).

We are a mobile website design company based in Virginia Beach, VA. We understand that great design elevates websites above the rest and work to provide you with the very best in web design.

VISIONEFX provides services to businesses throughout the United States. Services include custom web design, web development, E-commerce web design, WordPress web design, Joomla web development, SEO, and web maintenance services.

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