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Google Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird, Google’s latest change to how it handles search queries

Here’s what this change means to you and your business. ‘Google Hummingbird’ is a good analogy for how this new search change actually works. If you have seen a Hummingbird while feeding it darts with hyper speed precision from flower to flower; much the same way – Google grabs relevant snippets of information from online digital assets (web pages, graphics, video and PDF files) and compares in real-time against the search query. Also see: Optimizing You Tube videosOptimizing PDF files.

We wanted to see if there were any differences between voice search and typed searches.

1) First we did a voice to text entry comparison over Google to compare. Using ‘speech search’ over my phone I asked the following question. How do I determine the best phone system for my small business?

Over mobile (adverts excluded) we found the following top 10 results:

– The programming butler
– Cisco
– (reviews)
– (products)
– (reviews)
– Verizon (products)
– You Tube ( a posting from St. Louis 2013)
– You Tube ( a posting from Private Owner 2011)
– You Tube ( a posting from Local Business 2011)
– Operationstech.about (advice)

2) Next we tried the same phrase in Google using a desktop and got the ‘exact same results’.

The common thread between both these search tests were the following words in no particular order:
How do I determine the best phone system for my small business

This means that Google has found ‘all words” or ‘combinations of the search words’ used in the top most level of displayed web pages, then secondary pages are examined for similar or same information; then internal and external links are examined for the same relevancy.

Hummingbird’s Impact

Businesses who depend on well placed search results to drive growth and profit can breathe a sigh of relief if they have followed the ‘quality content model’ in managing their website(s). From the bird’s eye view this means; ‘Do what you say, say who you are and say it well’. Business owners who followed the ‘linking model’ a.k.a. back-linking, will experience a drop-off in their search results. There is nothing wrong with growing your links if you have quality content to share. Content must come first… then the links will come naturally.

Google has made many search changes over the past 8 years. Since 2005 there have been huge changes in the Google search engine algorithms; each one given colorful names; Florida update, Jagger update, Penguin update, Panda update and now ‘Hummingbird. And sandwiched in between these updates were other Google product releases for online search to include; Google Places, Google Business, Google+ and Google pages.

The Google Constant
In spite of all the algorithm changes since 2005 the one constant that has not changed and will never change is quality content. Quality content are the words we use, how we express our ideas and concepts, how we communicate our thoughts, services and expertise. While most of us regret not paying closer attention in English 101, it’s still not to late to SEO your website. Find a reputable web design company with the resources to help you develop compelling content.

If you already have a great website, then look for local writing resources by searching; Web content writers, public relations or search engine content developers. Soon your business will be moving as fast as a Hummingbird too!

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