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How do I get in the Google local listings map

How do I get in the Google local listings map | In order to get your business found in a Google local map for your city requires you have a Google account. This can be a Gmail account or other Google product you have signed up for, though it is best to have a Gmail account. Your Gmail account will serve as your master login for all Google products including your listing in Google Maps. If you already see your business listing in Google Maps and want to claim ownership, look for the link that asks; ‘Are you the owner of this business?’ Click the link and follow the instructions. If you cannot find your business in Google Maps, then the best place to start is Google My Business.

Add your business to Google Maps

1. Step 1: Sign-in to your Google account and go to, then search for your business by business name and/or business name + address
2. Step 2: Zoom into the area of the map where you would expect to find your business. If you do not see your business then click on your geographic location and click the link tab; ‘Add a missing place’.
3. Step 3: Add your business information then click ‘Submit’.
4. Step 4: Google will review your submission and as you to verify by email.
5. Step 5: After your business has been verified on Google Maps you will receive emails from Google to add extra details for your business using Google My Business.

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