Google Applications for Small Business

Google Maps, Landmark icon status

Google Map icons

If yes, it’s a good indicator that Google’s ranking algorithms consider you a “prominent business.”
You are on the map. This is no different from being on a printed map listing distinctive natural features and landmarks people find and visit. Begin on Google Maps, which can bring traffic your way.

Google has developed tiny icons to symbolize types of businesses precisely,
For example,
Coffee cups for coffee shops
Knife-and-fork for restaurants
Car for automotive shops
Purse shopping bags or shopping carts for retail outlets
Dollar sign for banks
Graduation cap for colleges
Bed for accommodations
Martini glass for bars
Envelopes for postal stores
Kids for schools, and many more.

These icons are linked, and when clicked open, a traditional info bubble appears over a map containing a business’s street address, website, and phone number. Clicking on the “more info” link takes you to your free listing on Google My Business.

Factors Influencing Landmark Status

Business categories: Entertainment venues, hotels, and restaurants are more likely to be displayed, although many other business categories are also listed.

Zoom level/business density

Sometimes, Google Maps cannot always display all businesses at a particular location, or the map would be hard to read. You are more likely to have your business appear if you’re located in a less dense place. Malls and multi-story office buildings will have many companies competing for room on the Google Map display, so some businesses will not get the preferred icon status.

Years in business

It’s unclear, but an older business might be preferred over a newer one.

Popularity and Links

Other miscellaneous factors applicable to Google Maps in ranking one business over another are page rank, backlinks, third-party reviews, ratings, and website traffic.


There is no doubt that Google wants to find you and your business. Talk with your webmaster and fine-tune your existing Google Maps listing for a competitive advantage. If you are far behind in this area and don’t have a Google Maps listing account, sign up now! It’s easy and powerful.


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