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Developing A Website App

Developing A Website App | A web application can take many forms. For example you may have a web site based app. On the other hand you may have an app. that runs on mobile devices. Either way you must define your application. The first step in defining your app. is to write a summary about your new online application. This should describe what your app does and who will use it. Now it’s time to refine your app idea and find a web developer who can build your app.

Steps for Planning Your Application

1. Step 1: Create a step-by-step Power Point for the front-end of your web app concept. (Front-end are the front facing pages that visitors see while casually browsing your website application.

2. Step 2: On each page provide a narrative that best describes what is taking place on each page.

3. Step 3: If there is a member login such as Google+ or Facebook then create a step-by-step Power Point for the back-end of your web app concept. (Back-end pages are seen when members have logged in the application.

4. Step 4: If there are different tiers such as ‘free’ versus ‘paid’ membership then provide those details.

5. Step 5: If there are different functionalities (basic or complex) then provide the details for each function. For example, if it is something as simple as a bio photo upload, you still need to list if the upload parameters such as ‘cropping’ or allowing a user to use their Gravatar.

Pay Attention to The Details

The devil is in the details when developing a website app. Do not assume any function on another website is easily integrated into your website app. If I might use an architectural analogy; ‘you have completed construction of an office building and the client decides to replace the stair-well access with an elevator’.

define your web application needs

Clearly define your web application needs first. Then define your wish list. These are the things you might like to have in your web app. but are not completely necessary for the 1st version of your web app.
(When Facebook first launched it did not have video or instant messaging) Consider dividing your web application plan into 2 or more phrases.  The more thoughtful time and planning you invest in your web app. plan the better chance your idea will succeed online.

How to Analyze Bids and Pricing

Approach your analysis for bids and pricing using the following method.
– Throw out the low-ball bids. Is a good indicator the work will be less than professional.
– Throw out the high-end bids. Is a good indicator they are tempting to take advantage of you.
– Accept and serious consider bids that are within a few hundred dollars north or south. These will be true fair market prices from reputable website companies.

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