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Online content the largest piece of the SEO pie.

Getting to the top

Never before has online content marketing been such an integral part of a companies day to day marketing strategies. And no one knows your product and services better than you do. This is why I always like to see the website owners write their own content. Having to write fresh content for your company probably feels like just one more thing there’s no time to do. But taking the time to just write a monthly blurb about your products and services for your website is essential for online relevance. The best way to freshen up content is in the blog section of your website.  Keeping your customers and clients up to date with blog news is an easy way to add current fresh information.

1. Having your content written for you
We write online content. But there is content that some content writers cannot write. There are highly technical industries or for example medical specialties that need exact information for their websites that only someone experienced in these areas can write. And then there are other business owners who just do not want to write or have the time to write but will supply the writer something about new products and services for their FAQ posts and website pages to be written by us. Either way, keep your fresh content flowing. You want your website content informative and most of all relevant.

2. Sharing Your Content
There are several ways to share content but for this conversation lets just stick to basics. There are companies that create online post and then have email campaigns to share their post to a client list. Also, posting new content with Videos is a robust way to create online content sharing. If your mailing a news letter why not add it to your website blog post to fatten up your content. These are the simplest ways to add relevant content to your website. You can also send it out on your social media networks as well. If your company did something great or new share it!

3. Be proactive
Now that we are closing out 2017 it is a great time to take a look at whats new in your business and products. I like to look at not only whats current but whats coming up next year to generate new content. When a website owner takes the time too evaluate whats new about thier business and whats coming up theres probably a lot to write about. Your online presence is more often than not generating 75% or more of your income from your business. And that is serious enough to take time to evaluate how to add to your already thriving online presence.

4. What your company did this last six months is worth writing about
You got current projects, products and services that are worth talking about. You probably have new photos as well. If they haven’t already been added to your website they should be. If not, it’s like money left on the ground. There is no such thing as too much relevant content. I like to remind clients to evaluate what new information, photos and videos can be added to their websites.

5. Investment in Content
Just because your not a huge company doesn’t mean your content investment isn’t important. Keeping your brand visible is always going to be required to compete in your markets. I rather see quality new information than just words that are off topic and keyword lean. Evaluating your content and what you can do to invest in your SEO is something that should be on a companies to do list at the very least quarterly. Remember… your online Content is the largest piece in the SEO pie.

6. Ask yourself these questions
Is your content original
Easy to understand
Is it thoughtful and relevant
Directly speak to your market, products or services
Is it new information or a new twist on old information

7. Keep it Simple
Whatever that means for you. Simple might mean someone else is writing and adding your content while doing your SEO updates. Or it could mean you get an afternoon free where you can write 6 months worth of monthly blog posts. Or you may address all the new products services and maybe projects that you’ve completed and share them with your online public on social media adding photos and videos. Why not add them to your website too. New information and images on your website will keep your search results buoyant in the sea of online competition.

Look to the design and SEO professionals

Since this article is just about SEO basics I’ll leave out all of the other pieces to the SEO pie for a later conversation. I will say this however, that its never one thing that makes for successful online marketing but a combination of many SEO tasks and strategies for online success. I like to remind myself and my clients that staying relevant and maintaining your online authority is like driving a Bugatti on the Autobahn, the web is fast and unforgiving and oh so competitive.  If you want to get to the top look to SEO professionals to help you not only get there but stay there. Sign-up for Action Insights featuring SEO articles and advice.

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