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Publishing Articles for Search Engine Optimization

When publishing articles for search engine optimization its about content relevant to your business.

You want to write and publish articles that are content rich with information, videos and images. You want to educate your clients or customers as well as the search engines your authority on your services or products. Lets face it google loves new content and your market loves new information and products.

Always consider that the search engine updates or algorithm modifications happen frequently and are always crawling information. Your customers and clients expect new and fresh. Its a win win when your taking the time to talk to your market in articles and its a great opportunity to to give search engines new updated content.Its key to good old fashion SEO.

Taking the time publishing articles for search engine purposes should be a part of any company’s website marketing strategy. Its a good idea to dedicate a section in your website for articles and or blogs. These are great places to showcase your services and new products with articles and images. It keeps your market up to date and feeds new and fresh content to the search engines.

Its also good to have updated videos in your website as well ,  its another way to be in touch with your market. Video content is another kind of content that is a powerful way to stay relevant and generate business. Publishing articles for search optimization purposes means just that. When writing an article be mindful you are writing information that will be read by humans. To put this another way don’t make the mistake of writing copy for search engines. Here’s a tip: write your article as if your having a conversation with client or customer. SEO is about human not a machine connection. I always say “SEO- it human thing”

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