SEO Ranking Page 1 on Google

How can I get my website seen at the top of Google search engine

Written and video content building page rank authority is a path to the top of Google Search Engine.

If you haven’t incorporated video and social media into your website consider it a missed opportunity in your website marketing strategy. Lets face it, humans like to see what their getting and see who they are dealing with. Video and social media provide a plethora of opportunity to garner SEO authority in your market. With Googles new algorithm modification Rank Brain, more is better and thoughtful is best.

Rank Brain means learning and understanding the human like search. So ask and answer questions for the consumer in your content strategies. Remember,  a lot people search in voice on their mobile devices and this new signal in google is searching  natural language, which can be vague, unedited and and even longer compared to a typed search queries.

Think human SEO relevant content, links and meta-tags. Good content is what google likes best, good humanized content is what Rank Brain likes best. Understanding the reasons for these algorithm updates is crucial to your relevancy and authority in search queries. Updating your website and SEO is to capitalize on the evolution of the search engine changes and necessary to keep your authority in page rank.

Lets talk YouTube: Your website and YouTube is a great example of a content rich relationship. Producing YouTube videos pushing your products, brands and services and embedding them into your website is a huge opportunity for page traffic. The more videos the better.

Instagram,Facebook and twitter to name a few are just another target rich place to interact with your market.

When redesigning your website and updating your SEO try to remember what Matt Cutts (the former google software engineer) said… “Write and design websites for humans; not machines. and your search engine ranking will take care of itself.”

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