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Breaking Google Barriers | Your website is the largest business asset you probably have, and if it isn’t, then maybe you can change that easier than you think. Google algorithms approach your website, just like any other human. It likes to read your content and see the images/videos.

If it cannot easily access what it’s looking for, it will stop. If you have broken links, it will hit a wall with your information with no direction on how to get it. You want a structured way to deliver your website’s information providing a clear path throughout.


Getting into your website structure is like getting under the hood of your car. As SEO professionals, we look at your website’s structure and see what problems may be slowing you down. Let’s look at structured data. Google relies on the way your information is structured. For example: on your home page, when anyone lands on it, you want them to immediately know who you are, what you do, and where to find additional information through your navigation and your internal linking.

There’s no confusion.  No spam links, no mixed messages, no weird navigation, or broken links? You want your website structured to connect all your internal information, starting with your homepage navigation.  You also want to be sure the extra white space where content should be has content. If you want rank authority, content is necessary.

Whats your design structure?

Ok, so let’s look at your website design like your home. What’s your curb appeal? Does it invite you in to look around? I cannot tell you how many times I see a website that needs SEO that is glaringly bad on the home page structure and design. Often, the websites’ home page keywords are not there or wrong, and the navigation is complicated and most likely will frustrate users. As for content, developing categories for posts and blogs puts your website’s information easy to read structure of importance.

Old information and products no longer available need cleaning up. You can re-purpose old posts by freshening them up or archive them to reduce their importance over the newest information. Linking to your internal subpages from your main pages to structure a flow allows google to crawl freely. Give google the map to your information and remove any roadblocks.


You’ll want to know if there are any crawl barriers on your website. It is a specialized process to locate and fix these errors. Older websites tend to just run out of search engine gas because it lacks good content structure and SEO. Old school SEO techniques don’t cut it on the web anymore, plain and simple, because the new algorithms are self-teaching AI that searches as you do. When Google crawls your website, it follows the links gathering your data.

You want your data to be accessible, so all of your information gets to their servers. It will then analyze the information that you provided in the structure of your website. Google will only index the pages it can access.  You want your website to be clean of broken links, also providing internal links in a purposeful manner.


If it’s not broke, don’t fix it is no longer the web’s status quo. You can always improve on maintaining ranking. It’s no secret that updating content is necessary when posts and information are added. It’s a rich opportunity to introduce new keywords or keyword variations.

It provides new ground for internal linking, providing meaningful connections to your information. If your website is driving your business, then SEO professionals must keep you on top by fixing what’s broke and adding fresh information.


I’ll admit it. I’m that mobile searcher that will hop off a slow load and search what I want elsewhere in a nanosecond. I have no patience for slow connections and slow loading pages. You want your website to load fast period.

And there are many reasons why your website could be loading slow, and experienced SEO professionals are best at analyzing and fixing page load time—sign-up for Action Insights featuring SEO articles and advice.


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