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Improving SEO Results

Improving SEO Results

What your SEO report card says about your website

There are so many tools available for improving your SEO that it would take days to weed through them all. However knowing what tools and SEO strategies are best suited for your company website is another story entirely.  Its one thing to have a one-size-fits-all strategy, but what works best in search results is individual as your website or products. You need effective SEO.  And most of all, you want new business. And because of this, there is a shift in our advertising budgets. It is now necessary to plan for SEO over-haul expenditures and monthly SEO maintenance in helping to maintain that delicate balance in Google. Who doesn’t want to be in the Top Ten search results?

Organic SEO or AdWords

I’m not knocking AdWords, but it can get pricey and the results are not always more than views and clicks rather than loads of clients and money in the bank. I like good old fashion Top 10 organic search results that turn into new business. I love the idea of the search engines working for me like ‘little cyber marketers’ 24/7- 365 for free. I like that all I had to do was maintain my website and SEO to get that result. If you’re like me, I like to invest my advertising dollars where I get long term results. When we start an SEO project, everything we do is  to achieve Top Ten organic results. To us, organic results is king… because it is. However, for online branding an AdWords campaign is helpful and over a period of time AdWord clicks and views help organic search.

Getting a return on your SEO investment

There are several ways to put together an SEO package that works for you that can be affordable. But to start… have your website analyzed for areas of problems and for ways to improve your results. Don’t ever second guess your SEO. If your interested in improving SEO Results start with an SEO analysis and see how you stack up against your competitors. Enter your details in our new VISIONEFX SEO Audit and Report tool.

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