Database and Software Development


Statistical Data Modeling Applications | VISIONEFX develops a custom database using SQL ASPX .NET Programming. Because a highly customized website application requires expertise in complex mathematical computations. Moreover, custom web applications can take many forms. For example, custom web applications can measure healthcare, medical, financial, educational, and scientific data. DATA MODELING APPLICATIONS OUTPUT One recent example […]

What is the best website software?

What is the best website software? | Choosing the best website software for your new website is pretty straight forward. Below are the most popular choices for website software. 1. Word Press WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or application. Tale a look at this Risk Mitigation Company Website […]

Developing A Website App

Developing A Website App | A web application can take many forms. For example you may have a web site based app. On the other hand you may have an app. that runs on mobile devices. Either way you must define your application. The first step in defining your app. is to write a summary […]

Loan Application Software for Websites

Loan Application Software for Websites Visionefx creates Web sites for mortgage companies. We have developed many of the components for mortgage website design that helps mortgage companies do business on the Web. Word gets around fast when you provide a quality product at a reasonable price. Having a successful professional mortgage website that generates leads, […]

Database management dealerships

Database management for RV, auto, truck, transportation business, database for dealerships to manage inventory online Every dealership and auto parts shop have a unique management system for handling and tracking inventory. Is your current database out-dated or need a brand new database application? VISIONEFX can program a custom web application for your business and is more affordable than […]

Intranet, Employee Portal Development

Intranet web portals, Employee Portal Development Having a company Intranet is a great way to keep associates and employees informed and up to date on company news and information. It is a good idea to have a centralized custom database with a username and password system to manage access to your company documents and information. Below […]

SQL ASPX .NET Programming

SQL ASP.NET Programming, Windows web applications, ASPX, DNN, Dot Net Nuke, Telerik development, Sharepoint Website Design VISIONEFX builds web site application in .NET. We can also perform programming in Dot Net Nuke or DNN (an extensible open source application for .NET) MS Sharepoint (MOSS) and Telerik. An SQL database application and custom CMS -Content Management System […]

Parts Management Software for Dealerships, Auto Parts

Parts Management Software for Dealerships, Auto Parts VISIONEFX develops database management for dealerships, software auto part orders, fleet vehicle parts ordering and online inventory management. Custom database applications are typically used for the following: • Vendor to purchase parts inventory online • Setup profiles for vendor departments• View/recall purchase histories. – Allow your customers to login […]

CRM Software for Business

CRM otherwise known as Customer Relationship Management can be used as a web application. It manages your customers, associates and employees though an Intranet or Employee Portal . There are literally hundreds of popular CRM software applications available for purchase or leasing. But any off-the-shelve system will not readily fit every business need. In this case […]

Resolve DNS Cache on Computer

Resolve DNS Cache on Computer If you have changed your website hosting this involves moving or migrating your website files to a new hosting location. If you are planning on retaining your domain name (URL) then the next step is point your domain name to your new hosting. Sometimes this happens within hours or days […]

ASP Mail Form Script, Form-mail, Exchange Server

ASP Mail Form Script, Form-mail, Exchange Server ASP Mail Form Script, Form-mail, Exchange Server – Below is a screen cap for setting up a mail form script on a Windows server that send form mail contents to email hosted in an external Microsoft Exchange server. After you finally get your email form working you will […]

Save PDF Rotated View

Saving PDF in Rotated View, problem solved below PDF FILE PROBLEM: Have you ever opened a PDF document that was scanned upside down or sideways. For example you find the tool bar that says ‘rotate view’ so you can read the document or save to your desktop. But when you open it again the rotate […]

ASP Mail Form Script on Go Daddy

Mail form script in classic ASP to send form mail through Go Daddy Windows hosting ASP Mail Form Script on Go Daddy | Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting for form email test. Especially an email from a form sent through Go Daddy’s internal form sending server. Because sometimes it’s fast and sometimes it’s […]

Advantages to Owning Your Software

Clients often want to have a website having all the bells and whistles of a 3rd party template system. 3rd party systems include real estate websites and online shopping carts. What can be a good start for the budget weary business person; getting locked in to a system could end up causing you headaches in […]

Web based project-management software

Database and Software for Construction and Contractors Custom database solutions for the construction industry to manage construction projects and employees Construction companies and contractors often require a custom software database solution to keep track of complicated construction job records. Some of the functions and requirements needed in a web enabled construction database include: Secure Contractor Login […]

Do you build custom database applications?

We build custom database applications Custom database applications are definitely part of our wheelhouse. Here are just a few examples of our custom database applications. Database for Large product records Virginia Imports a website design for food suppliers, food importers requires a custom plugin capable to handling daily import and overwrite of detailed product records. […]

What is the best software for our new website?

With all the buzz words such as Joomla website development, Word Press for websites, Drupal, Fusion, Cake PHP, Symphony, Dot Net Nuke, Share Point Designer & SQL ASPX .NET  it is easy to get confused. But don’t let anyone tell you that any software or CMS (aka Content Management System) is the absolute best. A […]

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