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CRM Software for Business

CRM otherwise known as Customer Relationship Management can be used as a web application. It manages your customers, associates and employees though an Intranet or Employee Portal . There are literally hundreds of popular CRM software applications available for purchase or leasing. But any off-the-shelve system will not readily fit every business need. In this case a custom CRM software is preferred. Below is a list of custom relationship management software functionality found in most company CRM web applications.We build custom database and web based applications

• Keyword search• Search, post by client, email and details• Assign follow-up, hot, closed by agent, associates and re-assignments• Auto listings sign-up• Result Page – Display the search results with listing details and Google map• Allow user to browse through different pages using AJAX• Orphaned accounts, orphaned leads• Auto reminders• Task re-assignments• Task renewals

Lead Management Software for Companies
Lead Management is a term used to describe the methodologies and systems to manage customer prospects and inquiries. Generating a variety of marketing techniques. LMA (Lead management Application) is a web based application. It is 100% secure & confidential. LMA facilitates the user to distribute, track, analyze & convert leads into profitable customers. LMA – Lead Management Application can be used as a web application to manage your sales, customers, associates and employees. There are literally hundreds of popular LMA software applications available for purchase or leasing. But any off-the-shelve system will not readily fit every business need. LMA software is preferred. Below is a list of Lead Management Application functionality found in most company LMA web applications.

Core Functions include:

1) LMA provides an organized & structured solution for lead management.

2) LMA has a detailed help guideline as well as tool tip functionality to make it easy to use & manageable.

3) LMA is a White Label Solution for the Master Company as well as the affiliate companies.

4) With a state of the art Administrator Section one can Create, Add, Edit & View Unlimited affiliate Companies.

5) Each affiliate company users can manage Unlimited number of Leads and users for managing them.

6) Each affiliate company gets a unique sub-domain like where Company Name – Affiliate Company Domain – Domain of the Master Administrator

7) The master Administrator of each affiliate company can manage their Company Settings as per requirements by editing the Company Name, Phone, Logo, select default campaign, select lead status, Identify Lead Fields to be excluded & included for company, select lead assignment emails, select first assignment emails, can make new lead bold, highlight new lead & new assigned lead and flagged lead, indicate user to change lead status, allow company to take only action or allow to transfer to unassigned leads, select time zone, enable popup reminder, and edit password requirements.

8) LMA comes with high security as each affiliate company users can also manage the password security settings and use IP banning services to limit the users to log in from particular locations only.

9) The Administrator can post message for all users on log in by posting a home page message also. For example –
Hello – Congratulations to one all for the hard work and dedication towards the success of XYZ company. It’s a pleasure for us and a very proud moment indeed to announce that we have completed 100000 leads this season.
Regards, Administrator

10) In Administrator Section administrator can access Form Builder facility to list, create and add unlimited new as well as existing groups for lead entry form. Can also view, edit & delete groups.

11) In Administrator Section administrator can also define, add Unlimited (default field names are 67 + more can be added as per requirements) field names under particular group by selecting that group. Can also edit & delete field names and create Forms to specific requirements.

12) Position preference to move groups and fields within groups up & down has been facilitated.

13) Can also provide tool tip along with fields & make field title mandatory under Add field name option which will executed at the time of adding the lead.

14) With LMA one can manage users, add Unlimited new users and edit existing users, search users by name. Define different roles for users like general User – who process the leads, Provider – who provides the leads, Power User – with extra rights to manage users and provide leads and Administrator – complete master of the system. The Administrator can also change the status of the users to be active, inactive, suspended or on vacation.

15) Manage user groups and sub-groups for better managed functioning, add unlimited new user groups and edit existing user groups. User groups will be defined by Title, can select group i.e. parent etc., and can enable for active status. The administrator can also appoint a Group manager to manage the users in their particular group.

16) Administrator can manage unlimited Campaigns as well as edit existing campaigns. Administrator can add, edit campaign title, define cost per lead (default USD), enable for active status and for providers.

17) Administrator can manage status and add unlimited status options & edit status title & select status color (there are 12 default colors for selection).Default status options are New, In process, Application, Submitted, Approved, Funded, Returned & Inactive. Administrator can also send emails and reminders for status details to users as per their requirements.

18) Administrator can manage actions and add unlimited actions options & edit action title & enable comment required field and considered contact field. Default action options are 20. Administrator can also send emails and reminders for action details to users as per their requirements.

19) Each Action can be set up to trigger a Status change as per requirements.

20) LMA has a powerful Email Manager to facilitate the administrator to manage unlimited emails as well as edit existing emails with attachments. You can upload attachments maximum up to 20 MB.

21) LMA comes with a state of the art unsubscribe facility for users to opt-out of emails that are not system generated and the administrator gets a complete opt-out report by the click of a button.

22) Administrator can add new unlimited reminder mails with text as per requirement which can be set to trigger of based on timings. For example – An email to the user after 30 minutes of adding New Leads to his account.

23) Administrator can add unlimited new leads by selecting a Campaign, user group and user.

24) Administrator can set a company policy specific lead distribution logic & can add new lead distribution logic and edit existing lead distribution logic.

25) LMA provides a facility to Recycle leads that have not been acted upon by the assigned user over a specific time period from time of receiving the leads. This enables in rotating the supplying high action users with more leads. Administrator can also send email notification upon Lead Distribution & filter qualified users.

26) Administrator can track the maximum leads received by group, user and can filter campaigns accordingly.

27) Administrator can view details of unassigned lead distribution and their status and can also view & import detailed lead data report.

28) The Administrator can also redistribute the unassigned leads by click of a button.

29) LMA provides an extensive reporting system. The reports included are Contact Summary, Action Timeline, Nip-In-Bud — a report of leads that fair badly during initial start phase itself, User Summary, Group Summary, Cost Assessment, Plan Summary, Activity Summary, and Provider Summary.

30) Administrator can run custom reports based on the company requirements by Average Actions per lead by user, contacts made today by user, Last Action/Date time by user and many other fields.

31) Administrator can perform a power search by Name, Phone, Email, City State, ZIP, and Social Security Number & Lead ID.

32) Leads can be bulk uploaded using Excel, CSV and XML formats.

33) Leads can be managed by a single click facility from the lead view page itself.

These are just a few highlight points of LMA.

Custom Management Software for Real Estate

VISIONEFX has developed customer relationship management software and lead management applications and website design real estate companies in Virginia.

IDX Feed enabled websites include:

• Broker real estate websites

• Real Estate website portals

• Real Estate websites integrating REIN, MLS, IDX DATA Customer, sales management if the highly competitive real estate industry is a must-have web enabled application to give you the edge over your competition. Increase your response time and real estate lead follow-up time lines. Help to manage all the minor and major details of your real estate transaction from when the sales lead first comes in your real estate office to the real estate closing.

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