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Custom database solutions for the construction industry to manage construction projects and employees

Construction Software is in significant demand. Moreover, construction companies and contractors often require a custom software database solution to keep track of complicated construction job records. Furthermore, there are many types of cloud-based systems readily available. On the other hand, many pre-built software systems do not conform to all requirements. For example, some of the functions and requirements needed in a web-enabled construction database include:


1. Allow authorized users to log in to the secure administration section by entering their username and password.
2. Allow logged-in users to choose desired job site location
3. Allow logged-in users to choose the desired job


1. Location Management: Allow users to add/edit/delete locations
2. Job Management: Allow user to add/edit/delete jobs and associate with the location
3. Owner Management: Allow users to add/edit/delete owners
4. Architect Management: Allow user to add/edit/delete Architects
5. Sub Contractor Management: Allow user to add/edit/delete subcontractors
6. Implement paging for easy navigation
7. Allow user to search/filter


1. Implement a form to enter submittal details
2. Allow users to create owners and architects from the submittals page
3. Allow user to switch between the jobs using quick job selection option from submittals page
4. Allow user to sort all the columns while entering submittals details
5. Allow user filter columns for easy search
6. Allow user to view/download/print Submittals logs (Subcontractor log, Log by Sub, and so on)
7. Allow user to add additional comments for records using a Rich Text editor with spell checker


1. Implement an interface to add/edit/delete transmittals
2. Provide a list of already entered transmittals for editing
3. Allow users to create owners and architects from the submittals page
4. Provide a list of submittals for selection
5. Implement paging for easy navigation
6. Allow user to sort submittals
7. Allow user to filter/search submittals by submittal column properties
8. Provide a user-friendly interface to enter all details
9. Provide calendar controls to enter date and time
10. Allow user to view/download/print Transmittal details for Architects,


11. Allow user to add additional comments using a Rich Text editor with spell checker

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