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Maximize Your Online Potential | You want your website working for you, and a good website does many things, but what it needs to do is generate action on your website. Whether it’s sales or new clients or subscribers, you want them. Therefore if your website is underperforming and just eking out some business, you can do a lot about that.


Most of the time, business owners get too busy to focus on their websites. In other words, they only notice it when it stops working for them. For example, not paying attention to on-going website requirements and SEO changes becomes a growing problem.

You have users looking for products, services, and information that you provide. However, if you can’t drive them to your website, you can’t convert them to customers. Therefore it’s time to freshen up your look and information for the best possible outcomes.

Whether it’s sales, a lead, or just time spent looking around your website, you want those conversions. After all, that’s why we have websites in the first place. Certainly, it’s common sense and good business to always look for ways to improve your website to increase business.


The first step to solving problems is admitting you may have one. If your visits and conversions are down, it means things are going in the wrong direction. The second step is getting your web professional to analyze your website and tell you how you can improve traffic and results. You always want a visitor to feel that they got what they were looking for from your website. 

If it is a product, service, or quote that’s being sought, you want your visitors to feel confident about your brand. You have to ask yourself how your website’s look and functionality stack up against your competitors.


Have a clear idea of your online goals and expectations for your website, then find out how to achieve them. A website redesign might be all you need to bring you to your competitions level or surpass it. Or even a homepage refresh that makes visitors feel interested enough to come in and look around and maybe subscribe to your blog. You want every advantage online to sustain your business and improve your user’s experience.


1. Capitalize on your contact us page. There are many ways to engage a user to contact you by offering a contact form throughout your website in creative ways. For example, if a user is looking around, encourage them to click the contact button by offering discounts, a free consultation, and a point system for future rewards and discounts. Also, you can implement a live chat invite.

2. Images are key to converting browsers to buyers. Showcase your products and update them. Certainly, it’s no secret that images sell products. Therefore make sure you update with new quality images that inspire a visitor to buy or make contact. Furthermore, offer your buyer a way to sign up for future specials, products, and discounts. Specifically, you can share upcoming online events and products all the better.

3. Don’t have an outdated website. Check how your websites’ curb appeal and functionality stacks up against your online competitors. In otherwords, take the time to see what your competition is doing online and do it better. Most companies update their website look and functionality every two years or sometimes less.

4. Call to action content. You want a user to take some action on your website. From your meta tags to call to action forms and buttons in your website to your updated blog post you want to always invite a user to engage.  Your web professional can make recommendations and add many of these functionalities to your website.


By getting a new website, you are not going to lose page rank automatically. A new website creates great new opportunities for SEO.  If you don’t stay relevant in your website look, functionality, and content, you will more than likely lose ranking. Your website might need some love, so now’s the time to put your ideas into action online.


Search Engine Ranking Pages. Stay focused on your website’s SEO potential. Getting a new website or website refresh is a great proactive start, but it’s not enough.  SEO should still be your primary focus. By keeping your content new and relevant and having your SEO professional watching your web stats, keeping your rankings up is the best chance for online success. 

You can’t convert a visitor that hasn’t found you. Your web design company can help you put your ideas online to get the conversion goals you are looking for.


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