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Intranet Employee Portal Development

A company Intranet is a great way to keep employees informed and up to date. For example, companies can post company news, events, updates, and provide access to HR forms.

Intranet employee portal development is more popular than ever due to COVID 19. With so many employees working from home, an Intranet is a great way to communicate.

Therefore it’s good to have an Intranet custom-database providing access to company documents and information. To illustrate, see our list of Intranet functionalities found in most company Intranet web applications.

Intranet User Management

The super administrator can manage and create new users.
Administrative users can activate/inactivate existing users.
There is also the ability to create and manage folders.
Allow super admin users to upload, delete, and manage existing files.
Send notification/update emails to users or employees.

Intranet for Employee Access

Allow employees to login using their credentials. (Created by Super admin)
Has the ability for users to change or manage their passwords.
Employees may view/download files and videos.
Secure file access logic prevents actual filename or location in the URL.

Local Machine Security Protection

It is essential to inform Intranet users to keep their computer spyware and anti-virus up-to-date. Furthermore, this helps to prevent unauthorized access to your company Intranet.

Moreover, most types of hacking or intrusion happen when a password key encryption has infected a person’s computer or computer browser. Therefore encourage and insist that users keep their security software up to date.

Protecting Your Intranet Access

First, be sure to install any required updates or new versions containing the latest security fixes. In particular, this applies to Word Press, Joomla, SQL ASPX.NET, Drupal, Magento, and other third-party software, scripts…).

Secondly, remove any files, folders, scripts, other digital assets that you are no longer using. Change any testing passwords that came with the software you are using, such as ( admin/ admin ).

Finally, use a strong password that is difficult to guess and change it occasionally, especially if you have reason to think there is a hack or other intrusion.


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