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3 SEO TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2020 | When it comes to on-page search engine optimization, best practices will stay the same. Notwithstanding small tweaks here and there courtesy of our engineering friends at Google. The 3 SEO trends to watch in 2020 involve branding, video and mobile. Let’s take a look at each one. […]

How Do You Create a Perfect Logo?

CREATING THE PERFECT LOGO How Do You Create a Perfect Logo? First of all, ‘there is no such thing as a perfect logo’. Rather the question is; ‘What logo is perfect for my business?’ WHAT IS A LOGO? A logo is a graphic representation of your core business. In simplest terms it defines, Who You […]

Online Marketing Virginia Beach

Before you engage a company to handle your Internet marketing, to put them to the test.A marketing or SEO agency provides your business exposure over the Internet by getting your name seen in Google search results. Furthermore ask them to show you real-time tests that reflect the type of internet marketing results you can expect. […]

Professional logo design

Professional logo design Virginia | Companies spend thousands of dollars on creative consultants. Specifically to find that unique combination of color, style and shape. Furthermore logo branding is no easy task. Because company logo reflects the heart and soul of for your ‘brand identity’. And not to be taken lightly. Website Logo Packages VISIONEFX has […]

What is the best Email Marketing System?

What is the best Email Marketing System? Email marketing management applications are a great way to keep in contact with your current and potential clients. They are a great way to gather and collect new business leads. Here are some options to consider when choosing the best email marketing that works best for you. 3rd […]

Viral Marketing and New Business

Viral Marketing and New Business If you’re depending on a sole source, such as search engines, to generate new leads and new business, you’re on dangerous ground. Many businesses have gone belly up because all their eggs were in one basket. Search engines are too fluid and too volatile for consistent organic results. Today you […]

Monitor Your Web Site

Monitor Your Web Site! Remember to frequently monitor your website health and information. Your Website is a 24/7 Commercial The number of people authorized to add information to the site determines how often it should be proofread. Because web sites are a window to your targeted audiences, competitors and the media. Furthermore they should maintain a […]

Promote Your Business Beyond the Web

In today’s online advertising universe, we are bombarded by digital ads via Smart TVs, computers, tablets and mobile devices. In such a crowded space I suggest a business never rely on the web to support the bulk of your marketing efforts. Global businesses are competing for their fair share of your attention with millions of […]

Does Your Brand Communicate Online?

Online Branding Does Your Brand Communicate Online? It takes two seconds to convey one of your most important messages,  your image. Without saying a word, you can be seen as powerful or passive, a leader or a follower, trustworthy or phony. It is important to understand that everything about your business that is seen, heard or […]

Protect Your Website Brand

Your Website Brand Looking It’s Best Online You protect your website brand by not trying to modify or design your own website. Website owners with little or no design experience are sending a clear message to their website audience – “we do not put any value on the appearance of our website.” That’s a subtle message being picked up by the consumer […]

Website Title Branding

Branding your title tag for Google Search When you are creating your title tags, is an good idea to brand your title tag with your name or company name. When your name appears in searches over and over again, this helps people to remember your name. This reinforces your online brand and works hand and glove […]

When should we redesign our company logo?

Logos are like any other form of advertising; a logo communicates your online brand. Logos also have a shelf life and all major companies have changed their logo to some degree over the years, i.e., Star bucks, Walmart, Google, Yahoo, Ford, Coke, McDonald’s and many others. Early Logo Beginnings The history of logo design and […]

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