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What is the best Email Marketing System?

What is the best Email Marketing System?

Email marketing management applications are a great way to keep in contact with your current and potential clients. They are a great way to gather and collect new business leads. Here are some options to consider when choosing the best email marketing that works best for you.

3rd Party Email Marketing Systems

Here is a quick list of the most popular email marketing applications.
1. Mail Chimp
2. Go Daddy Email Marketing
3. Constant Contact
4. iContact
5. Mandrill

Cost Ranges for Email Marketing

For as little as $5.00 a month for most small businesses to $150 per month for enterprise users. Cost depends on the number and frequency of emails you send each month. These mail applications offer lots of power and functionalities. Furthermore they also have lots of great analytic tools. Here are a few.
1. Analysis of opened emails (when email was opened)
2. Email bounces
3. Why the email bounced
4. Comparative marketing statistics
They also keep up to date on all the latest firewall and email hacking-spamming compliance issues.

Customer Relationship Management Applications

Custom CRM Email Marketing Applications include;
1. Pardot
2. Hub Spot
3. Infusionsoft
4. Marketo
5. Ontraport
Costs range from $1,700 to $15,000 per year depending on your requirements.

How to use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great tactic for staying in front of your target audience. It allows you to raise your hand and say, “Hello there, remember me?” You can use your email marketing to send helpful information to you customers. For example;
1. How-to newsletters
2. Newsletters for trends and late breaking news
3. Newsletters for tips, tricks, advice and whitepapers

Email Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Do you use a third party application or an email custom application? If you do, remember to first post the full version of your email contents on your website. Because this provides new, fresh and relevant content for your website and grows the amount of pages your website contains. Google loves content.

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