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The average cost for a website | Recent polls in the U.S. estimate the average price for a small business website to be $2800 to $7200, respectively. At the same time, a custom database web application ranges from $7200 to $15,000.

Average Cost of Website Design for Small Business

When shopping for a website proposal, provide as much detail as possible. Because this ensures you will receive an accurate quotation. Most importantly, ask lots of questions to make an informed decision. Finally, provide as much detail for your new website as possible.

Provide As Much Detail As Possible

1. Provide a summary of your website idea or brand
2. Provide as much detail as possible for all your website requirements.
3. Provide examples of websites you’d like to use as a creative benchmark.
4. After receiving website cost/plan proposals, examine and compare costs and details, then schedule a phone call with one or two vendors to see which one is a better fit.

Ask Lots Of Questions

1. Ask if there are any costs for small changes after going live.
2. Will the website be SEO-ready?
3. Are there any costs for photos or graphics?
4. What are the maintenance costs associated with the website?

How To Review Your Website Design Cost Proposals

Approach your analysis for bids and pricing using the following method.
1. Throw out the low-ball bids. It is a good indicator that the work will be less than that of a professional.
2. Throw out the high-end bids. It is a good indicator they are taking advantage of you.
3. Accept and seriously consider bids within a few hundred dollars north or south. These are actual fair market prices from reputable website companies.

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Guidance for Choosing A Website Design Company

Choosing a company with a strong understanding of your industry and target audience is a good idea, as this will help ensure that your website is tailored to your customer’s specific needs and preferences. Finally, communication is critical – make sure you choose a company that is easy to work with and responsive to your needs throughout the design process.

Finally, Remember These Two Important Website TIPs!

Whomever you choose, remember two important points.
1. Register your domain name. Read more about Protecting Your Domain Name.
2. Purchase your website hosting plan. Read more about Guard Against Losing Your Website.


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