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Statement of Accessibility

Statement of Accessibility | We are continuously working to improve the accessibility of content on our website. Therefore below, you’ll find a few recommendations to help make your browsing experience more accessible. Visual Aids If you have trouble seeing web pages, the US Social Security Administration offers these tips for optimizing your computer and browser […]

W3C Validation Isn’t Everything

W3C Validation Isn’t Everything | Like it or not, industry jargon often coughs up terms that become buzzwords. When this occurs web development is no exception. The terms can become diluted, even ambiguous. For example two such terms include “validation” and “web standards.” W3C Specifications To be clear, the W3C provides specifications and recommendations, not mandates. In other […]

Webmaster Backlinks

VISIONEFX links to other websites and resources on the Web. Because is good practice to share links wirth sites that exhibit ‘best practices’ in web development, web design, user friendliness and over all content and excellence. Webmaster Backlinks | Webmaster Link Resources EXPERT TEXAS SEO FIRST PAGE RANKINGS Resource Links Directory – RBD City, State and […]

Webmaster Resources

Webmaster Resources – Useful information for your online business Below is a collection of popular webmaster tool web sites to help myself and other webmasters with our daily web design chores. While collecting online resources, it was decided that we should make this page public and share with other web site owners. Our links and […]

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