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Why you should not exclusively use Facebook for business

4 Important Reasons Why you should not exclusively use Facebook for business Using Facebook for business and other social networks to share and market your business is a good thing. Using Facebook exclusively is a bad idea and here’s why. 1. By conducting most of your business on Facebook you weakening the power of your […]

Facebook for Your Business?

When and When Not to Use Facebook for Your Business Too many business have blindly followed others into social networking white water. If you have no plan or experience then doing this is simply a waste of time while a well planned ‘social use strategy’ will often yield good results. Let’s take a quick look […]

Customize Twitter Profile Page

Customize Twitter Profile Page | Are you tired of the standard backgrounds patterns that you choose from to customize your Twitter profile’s appearance? Having a professionally page design helps your ‘Tweets’ to stand-out among the thousands of other Tweet pages. If you want to clearly communicate what your brand is all about, you want a […]

What roll should social networks play in my business?

With so many different choices like Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and many others, it is important to choose wisely. Because having a live social network profile is another way boost your brand and reputation.  Facebook A government contractor might consider posting details about a new project you have been awarded. If you […]

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