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Why you should not exclusively use Facebook for business

4 Important Reasons Why you should not exclusively use Facebook for business

Using Facebook for business and other social networks to share and market your business is a good thing. Using Facebook exclusively is a bad idea and here’s why.

1. By conducting most of your business on Facebook you weakening the power of your website.

I am amazed when large corporations such as MSNBC, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, and the like have their anchors say; Hey check us out on our Facebook page or join us on Twitter. Little do they know they are slowly weeping away the value or ranking of their main website on search engines.

Are you doing the same?

While you spend all your time communicating on Facebook instead of your website you are actively passing along valuable time and traffic to Facebook. Face book will grow and grow while your website shrinks and shrinks. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines assign a higher value or position to a website that gets more visits and traffics over similar competing websites. Any savvy website owner understands that human visits and human traffic accounts for their website(s) placing higher in search engine queries.

2. You do not own Face book and you do not exclusively own your Face book page.  You are simply leasing space for free on Face books’ Web application. So do not be surprised if all the hundreds of hours you spent conducting business on Face book suddenly disappears. While Face book does allow you to download all the content you posted such as text, links and photos; if you were to upload all this information to another website, you will have none of the software application features that are at the core of Face books’ application.

3.  Face book is a ‘Social Networking‘ Application. PERIOD. Unless you have a ‘Social Network’ plan in place, then your business does not belong on Face book. Face book is a ‘Social Networking Tool’. While there are some interesting ways to extend your presence over the World Wide Web; without putting some strategic plan in place for using Face book is simply a waste of time.

Think about it. Would you get on a plane without a travel plan, hotel reservations, spending budget, travel itinerary, transportation planning and return date? If you do not have any plans and goals for your Face book strategy then you are simply wasting your valuable time.

4. You have little or no control over defamatory material.  If you have your business on Face book then it stands to reason that you will probably leave your page open to all for posting and sharing otherwise people are not going to take the time to wait for you to approve for joining your page. What if some post or information gets on your Face book page that is defamatory or damaging to your business. Will you be able to call someone at Face book or get help? If you do not exclusively control your web page, website or other web application then you are opening a huge can of worms. (see the screen shot below)

Unless you are ready to spend lots of time monitoring your Face book page on a day to day basis in addition to responding to any and all complaints then don’t put your business on Face book.

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