Facebook for business

Facebook for business


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Facebook for business | Using Facebook for business and other social networks to share and market your business is a good thing. However, using Facebook exclusively is a bad idea, and here’s why.

4 Important Reasons not To exclusively use Facebook for business

you weaken your website’s power

1. By conducting most of your business on Facebook, you weaken your website’s power. Spending all your time posting on Facebook instead of your website, you pass along time and traffic to Facebook. Facebook will grow while your site traffic shrinks. For example, Google assigns higher ranking sites having more visits and traffic. In other words, visits and traffic account for websites placing higher in search engine results.

You do not own your Face book page

2. You do not and cannot exclusively own your Face book page.  You are simply leasing free space on Facebook servers. Therefore do not be surprised if all the time spent building your FB page suddenly disappears. Facebook does allow you to download all the content you posted, such as text, links, and photos. However, if you were to upload all this information to another website, you will have no Facebook styling or functionalities.

Your business does not belong exclusively on Facebook

3. Facebook is a ‘Social Networking‘ Application. Unless you have a ‘Social Network’ plan in place, then your business does not belong exclusively on Facebook.

You have little or no control over defamatory material

4. You have little or no control over defamatory material unless it amounts to hate-speech.  Most FB pages are open for posting and sharing. Otherwise, people are not going to take the time to join your page. However, what happens if someone posts defamatory or damaging information? Will you be able to call someone on Facebook? If you do not exclusively control your online presence, you are opening a huge can of worms.


If you are going to do a post on social media, always post to your website first!


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